Indoor school holiday activities to keep the kids entertained

by Brittany Wheeler

Although COVID-19 might have put a stop on your school holiday plans, there’s still plenty of fun to be had at home if you’re uncomfortable going outdoors or you happen to be rained in. And with the closure of some of our favourite school holiday haunts such as theme parks and movie theatres, we’ve seen a number of virtual experiences, tours and events pop up online so you can continue to enjoy the fun from home. We also encourage parents to think back to their childhood and recreate some of those precious family memories with their own kids, such as baking their grandmother’s famous carrot cake or playing Snakes and Ladders. If you are struggling for activity inspiration or fulfilling pursuits for your children, check out some of our team’s brilliant ideas below.


‘Cosmic yoga on YouTube, pool noodle sword fighting, paddling pool on sunny days and one of my friends gave me a mini backyard bouncy castle, that is a great distraction, craftanoons, story time with grandparents on FaceTime and lego build a <insert word> competition,’ Jemma, Chief Operations Officer.


‘Anything craft – painting, drawing, colouring, sewing. Backyard games and competitions like who can hula hoop / skip / wall sit the longest. Board games, puzzles and lots of Harry Potter Lego. Bike rides, nature walks with a challenge e.g. find 10 thing starting with the letter ‘X’ on the way. Making up dance routines or shows to perform,’ Nicola, Head of Performance and CRM.

Kids doing easter egg art and craft

‘We have developed a penchant for paper mache and all the boxes we have got from Harris Farm get turned into well, EVERYTHING. Joshie loves The Ellen Show and yesterday he made a studio (with lights and banners and stages) from wine and grocery boxes. Joe Wick’s PE class is a global winner, as is Cosmic Yoga (all cool themed classes… yesterday we did a Star Wars yoga class). Luckily we have a trampoline so everything from school work to Nerf wars get played on that tramp,’ Lauren, Talent Manager.


‘Bubbles are always a winner, and stickers. The bear hunt is really kicking off too!’ Caitlyn Morgan, Experience Consultant.


‘The boys are loving Amazon Prime, Stan, Netflix, Disney and Xbox. Well, some of the time! The other times we are biking riding around the block, chocolate making, board games, doing lots of cooking classes, reading, puzzles, virtual experiences from the zoos, and some from activities from this list,’ Rebecca Madden, Market Manager.


‘We are doing online learning activities that involves games (Homeschool Pop is our favourite). We also set up indoor camping in the lounge, paint our nails and set up fondue with tea light candles and melt chocolate and marshmallows on sticks. We have baking, gardening days too and online chat through Zoom with her school friends,’ Joy, Senior Designer.

Easter themed nails
‘Ainsleigh has always had a creative imagination and so she has been tasked to create a ‘COVID bunker’ but she can only use materials that she can find from around the house. Eg: boxes, stuff from the recycling bin, etc. She’s learning a lot about engineering, it’s keeping her imagination alive and her hands busy,’ Casey, Customer Experience Team Leader.


‘We are watching David Attenborough Blue Earth programs, then he draws the animals that he has seen on the show, and then learns how to write the names of the animals above them. We are also baking and he does all the measurements and is learning fractions by cutting all of the cakes and brownies that we make up! He cant eat it until he works out what it is! He is also making his own books for us to read. They are hysterical!’ Jodie, Market Manager.

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