You can do WHAT on a Segway?!

Move over skateboards, forget about scooters and say bye to bikes. 

Riding a Segway is the latest and greatest way of getting from A to B, but if you think this two-wheeled machine is only a simple method of transportation, think again. It turns out you can do a quite a lot on these battery-powered beasts.


Who needs a caddy or cart when you can have your very own Segway X2 Golf transporter? The latest in golfing technology, this Segway can carry you and your golf clubs, and even has room for a scorecard holder. You’ll never lose track of your hole in ones (or lack there of) again! Early trials suggest ditching the cart for a Segway can cut up to an hour off the usual round of 18 holes.


Segwaying might not be an Olympic sport (yet!) but beating your friends on the track will make you feel like you’ve won gold. It’s simple to learn and easy as pie to master – you simply lean forward to move forward, lean back to reverse and twist the handle to turn.  At a modest 20 kilometres per hour, it’s probably not going to be the most exhilarating race you ever compete in, but it could be the most fun.

Obstacle Courses

In Texas you can complete a Segway off road racing obstacle course (phew!). With indoor dirt tracks and courses focusing on corners, bumps, balance and speed – there’s something for everyone. The average Segway is only slightly larger than a person, so you’d think you’d be able to zip through obstacles and around corners with ease, right? Wrong! It takes serious Segway skills to master these courses. 

Play polo

Steve Wozniak isn’t just a founder of Apple, he’s also a legend on wheels. In 2006 the Segway Polo world championship, the Woz Challenge Cup, was born. Played in a different location across the world each year, with 19 teams from 9 countries competing in 2015, the Woz Cup embraces this new mobile sport. Similar to regular polo (if you remove the horse from the equation and replace it with a Segway) this is a game of serious skill. Steve famously played a game in a tuxedo before leaving to go straight to a speaking engagement. Now that’s some serious Segway dedication!

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