5 reasons to escape to Tropical North Queensland

Leave the daily grind behind for a relaxing and adventure-filled holiday in Tropical North Queensland where pristine beaches, underwater adventure and World Heritage rainforests await.

Need some convincing? Let's compare the uncomfortable commuting and stressful work experiences many of us encounter every day to the fun experiences we could be having if we were in tropical Cairns or Port Douglas.  

The everyday

You're stuck in peak hour traffic on a packed bus that’s going nowhere, and the only scenery is the back of the head of the person in front of you. In the effort to not breathe on said person, you fear you may pass out. And, now your arm has gone to sleep because of the awkward position it is in so you can hold on to a rail without touching anyone.

Image: kindakind.com

The everyday

You arrive to the first of your back-to-back meetings fifteen minutes late and a little frazzled. Your to-do list is growing by the hour and everything is super urgent. You're doing your best to keep your cool but your twitching eye hints at your mounting stress levels. To make things worse, you haven't had a moment to yourself to grab a coffee. Cue caffine withdrawls.

Image: blog.jobadvisor.com.au

The everyday

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. You spend the day staring at the computer and the same beige wall. Feeling uninspired, run-down and in desperate need of fresh scenery, stimulation and some R&R.

Image: collective-evolution.com

The everyday

You wouldn't exactly call it walking - more like being carried to work as you fall into the slip-stream of people rushing to their offices. There's stress-inducing noise from blaring car horns, loud phone conversations and roadwork drilling. That blissful zen feeling post morning yoga class lasted all of five minutes.

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The everyday

You sit in a cramped cubicle in a windowless office space where you spend way too much time Googling the weather. Your desk constantly shakes because of the keyboard thumper who sits in the cubicle next to you and the highlight of your day is drinking from the water fountain without getting a wet patch on your pants. 

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The Tropical North Queensland way

There's crystal blue waters as far as the eye can see and not a cloud in the sky as you cruise towards the Great Barrier Reef on a luxury catamaran. First stop, snorkelling; where tropical fish, stunning marine life and colourful underwater landscapes take your breath away. Then it's time to enjoy a smorgasbord lunch. Now, this is the life. Sign me up!

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

The Tropical North Queensland way

You arrive at Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef relaxed and ready to explore all this little piece of paradise has to offer from its stunning coral cay, lush rainforests and idyllic beaches. Maybe you’ll go snorkelling for an hour or two, maybe you'll take a glass bottom boat tour or perhaps relax by the pool or on the beach. Tough decisions. Let’s go!

Green Island, QLD

The Tropical North Queensland way

Cruise, snorkel and scuba dive in the aqua waters of the Agincourt Reef and take in the wonder of an underwater world of stunning coral, tropical fish and sea creatures. It's scensory overload in a good way. Book me in!

Port Douglas, QLD

The Tropical North Queensland way

You follow a little well-troden path through a lush rainforest until you find yourself standing in front of a spectacular waterfall. You sit on a rock and close your eyes to listen to the sound of the cascading mountain water and birdlife. A sense of wonder and calm comes over you. Take me there!

Cedar Creek Falls, Whitsundays QLD

The Tropical North Queensland way

From your seat on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway you're treated to the most amazing aerial views of the World Heritage Rainforest. Then you take a quick trip on the Kuranda Scenic Railway to Kuranda Village to explore the array of food stalls, cafes, markets and wildlife parks. It's hard to pick just one highlight. Count me in!

Kuranda Scenic Railway, Cairns, QLD

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