Customer's Formula 1 favourites

It's that time of year again where those with an appreciation for horsepower, the smell of burning rubber and speed, converge on Melbourne. For those of us who won't be at the Australian Grand Prix, we have the next best thing - driving experiences including Formula 1 laps where you get behind the wheel. We turned to our customers to find out which experiences come in first place in their opinion. Here's what they had to say...

1. "Formula Ford experience hard to beat"

"Just like a real race team... You get strapped in, nerves start to build and then you're given the green light and off you go - and as fast as you want in a safety first format. Definitely counting down the days until I get to go back."

- Tony, Melbourne VIC


2. "Adrenaline rush!! Great experience"

"Awesome experience! Everyone was really nice and explained everything really well. Amazing car! always wanted to do a track day like this! Thanks so much"

- Alison, Brisbane QLD


3. "Amazing experience"

"I have done V8, off-road and other driving experiences, but this is by far the most real experience in a race car. Thank you for offering this experience to the public."

- Troy, Lakeside QLD


4. "Awesome fun!"

"Brilliant day out! Everything ran smoothly. The staff did a fantastic job and the car was wicked! I was not disappointed at all!"

- Jono, Brisbane QLD


5. "Formula Ford experience was awesome. What a rush!"

"Such a great experience. The ride was definitely an adrenaline rush! Staff were very helpful and friendly. I'd highly recommend it."

- Pete, Sydney NSW


6. "Great radical experience."

"Great day out. I got this for my 13th birthday and it was an excellent experience. I would definitely do it again. Thanks RedBalloon - oh and thanks for getting it for me Mum."

- Saxon, Brisbane QLD


7. "WOW!"

"I've driven different car tracks, but this was the first time I've driven a Formula Ford - and WOW! What an amazing experience it is to be able to drive a true race car! Had the most amazing time doing the 10 laps and I waned more after! I will definately be doing this again without a doubt."

- Adrian, St Clair NSW


The 2017 Australian Grand Prix runs from the 23-26th March at Albert Park Circuit.