Spooky ways to celebrate Halloween

Love a good ghost story? These haunted tours are certain to send chills down your spine. 

It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to gather round the campfire and share a spooky story or two! Looking for something extra scary to try this year? We dare you to sign up to one of these ghost or cemetery tours… 

Point Cook Homestead Ghost Tour

Step inside the haunted home of the Chrinside family. This homestead is full of supernatural secrets waiting to be uncovered… 

>> Book a Point Cook Homestead ghost tour. 

Ghost Tour of Historic Sydney

The Rocks might be a tourist haven these days, but it wasn’t always so grand… Get set for plenty of macabre stories about Sydney’s dark side. This tour is sure to have you jumping out of your skin and sleeping with the lights on for years to come!

>> Book a Sydney ghost tour here. 

Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour

Extremely high paranormal activity has been recorded in Pentridge Prison over the years… This tour is great for those interested to learn more about Melbourne’s history, as well as those just after a thrilling ghost story or two. 

>> Book a tour of Pentridge Prison.

Altona Homestead Ghost Tour

Visit one of Australia’s original and most haunted homesteads. All is not what it seems at Altona Homestead… The property is alive with paranormal activity. Enter at your own risk… 

>> Book an Altona Homestead ghost tour.

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

Take a guided tour of one of the largest cemeteries in Queensland with over tens of thousands of gravestones, tombs and crypts. Only guided tours are allowed through the cemetery after dark, so other than your fellow tour mates, you’ll be all alone as you wondered through the graves… 

>> Book a tour of Toowong cemetery. 

Old Melbourne Ghost Tour

Discover Melbourne’s dark and scandalous past. Your host, a paranormal enthusiast will regale you with eerie tales from the 1900's. There are no staged hauntings on this tour, only genuinely frightening encounters!

>> Book and Old Melbourne ghost tour.