Personalised Homeware Gifts

If you’ve ever watched a home renovation TV show, you’ll be familiar with the expert advice on how to turn a house into a home. According to them, "a home should be a reflection of your personality” and “it should tell a story about the people who live in it,” but the good news is a home doesn’t need to go through a renovation in order to achieve these things. 

Personalised items are the simple answer and they also make for great gifts. Here are a few personalised gift ideas to suit every type of home (and it doesn’t involve painting)!

For the couple’s abode

An artwork with sentiment is much more meaningful than one chosen based on how well it matches the furniture. Looking for a wedding gift that's more imaginative than a toaster? How about a framed world map with the names of the couple, the countries where they’re from and their wedding date? Or transform a treasured moment into a large canvas that can be put on display for a great personalised anniversary present. 

For the family home

A personalised cushion has the added benefit of providing comfort and being a great gift for all ages. What kid wouldn’t love a cushion with their name on it to snuggle up to or use to build their pillow fort? It also makes a great gift from kids. A cushion design with a personalised message for a parent or grandparent is a gift they’ll use and cherish forever.

For the man cave

Erase all doubt that it’s his glass by putting his name on it. Whether he’s a beer drinker, wine connoisseur or a whisky man, there’s a gift set that will suit his taste buds. You can also give him the gift of 'never having water rings on the table' with a set of coasters.

For the entertainers hub

What do you get the host with the most? Perhaps for the next get-together, come bearing a personalised chopping board or hardwood cheeseboard to show your appreciation. And to ensure the invites keep coming, throw in the cheese and crackers too!


So if you’re looking for something that puts the ‘me’ in home or have been stuck for a gift that shows some thought, here are some great gift ideas for getting personal...