Celebrity Presents

When you’re unfathomably rich and famous, picking the right present must be a hell of a challenge. It takes a certain amount of creativity to get something for the person who could almost literally buy anything on Earth, up-to-and-including certain small countries. So how have our celebrity overlords handled the pressure of gift giving? And how can you match their efforts without burning your credit card to a crisp?


David Beckham knew Victoria loved her wine, so he decided to treat her to the gift that keeps on giving: her very own winery, right in the middle of California’s Napa Valley. That’s probably not a financially or practically feasible option for most of us, but you can send someone on a tour of the finest wine regions in Australia without breaking the bank thanks to our huge range of wine-tasting experiences. Just think of it as getting to live like Posh for the day.


While they were married, Katy Perry bought Russell Brand a voucher for a trip into space so that he could experience the miracle of weightlessness – and all for the low, low price of $250,000. On a considerably more modest budget, you can send someone hurtling through the air as if gravity didn’t exist with one of our thrill-packed aeronautics stunt-flying experiences. They’ll be a fair way from reaching orbit, but when they look down from the top of that loop-the-loop and see the Earth hanging far above their heads, they’ll feel just like they’re floating in space.


Brad Pitt needed a bit more adventure in his life, so in 2012, Angelina Jolie bought him helicopter-flying lessons. As well as a $1.6 million helicopter to go with it. (This is coming from a woman who previously bought Brad an actual waterfall for Christmas, so she has form in the gift-giving arena.) Most of us probably don’t need our own helicopter sitting in the backyard, but you can get the full experience of flying one with a hands-on introductory session with a fully qualified pilot. If that’s a bit too much pressure, buy them a scenic ride across some of Australia’s most beautiful natural settings. As Brad no doubt knows, the world really does look amazing from up there.


While we’re talking about the Pitt-Jolie family empire, back in 2008 Brad wanted to give son Maddox a treat for his seventh birthday, so he took the kid go-karting through the streets of the south of France. As you do. You don’t need to head to Europe to have a high-octane go-karting experience – there’s plenty to go around in our own backyard. Unlock the parent-child rivalry that can only ever be sated by 30 laps of medium-speed racing, and when you lose you can always console yourself with the knowledge that you definitely let them win. Definitely.


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