Dave Billsborrow (you know, that guy from that show) has recently coupled up with stunning Sydney florist Sarah-Mae Amey. With their first Valentine's Day approaching, Dave needed some serious help in the romance department. Enter comedian/wingman Sam Mac.

Over five episodes, we'll follow their adventures together as Dave learns the art of chocolate making, designs a pair of high heels that would make Cinderella blush, and learns how to whip up a delicious Italian feast - without a jar of Dolmio in sight.


Take a down-to-earth Aussie bloke, add comedian & all round good bloke Sam Mac & you've got Valentine's Day magic.


Can an Aussie bloke design the ultimate pair of high heels? In this episode, Dave turns from plumber to cobbler on our Design Your Own Heels experience. 

Shoes of Prey
Design Your Own Heels

The shoes Dave designed Sarah can't be found anywhere else - because they're designed by him specifically with her in mind. It's the perfect gift for the shoe lover in your life. You can choose from 200+ materials, hundreds of styles and shapes available in low or high heels from 1 inch to 6 inches in height. All shoes are custom made and available in sizes from AU 2½ to 15.

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Goodbye discounted service station treats, hello gourmet handmade delights. Dave's girlfriend Sarah has a sweet tooth, so we sent him to a chocolate making workshop just in time for Feb 14 - better (choco)late than never!

chocolate making workshop
Chocolate Making Workshop

Dave was entrusted with the secret of how to make the world's best chocolates under the guidance of Joseph the chocolatier. Designed for the inquisitive and creative chocoholic, you can find out how real chocolate is made and experience the pleasure of making your own. After the hands on class is over, you get to keep all of your handmade chocolates (excluding those you've already eaten, that is!). 

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EPISODE FOUR: Authentic Italian Cooking Class

In this episode Dave learns how to woo his lady with the ultimate Italian feast… and there's not a jar of Dolmio in sight!

Italian cooking class
Authentic Italian Pasta and Sauces Cooking Class

Dave's host and cooking teacher was Luciana Sampogna, a graduate from the famous Simili Sisters' school in Bologna. Gourmet Traveller defined Luciana’s cooking school as ‘teaching the Simili Sisters' recipes as well as following their philosophy of introducing the time-honoured traditions of regional Italian cooking to a new generation’. Like Dave, you will learn that Italian food is not about techniques but carefully balancing ingredients, giving you the opportunity to discover the real flavour of Italian cuisine.

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After a week-long adventure learning the art of chocolate making, designing high heels and cooking up an Italian feast. Now it's crunch time where Dave unveils his skills to his new love Sarah. C'mon Dave, show her what you're made of!