Employee Reward & Recognition Ideas

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If creating a high-performing team, retaining top talent, and boosting overall morale within your business is part of your mission this year, then you’re in the right place. Recognising your employees in 2022 is all about acknowledging with authenticity. It’s time to celebrate the individual efforts of your team members with rewards they’ll genuinely love (like spending time with their family).  

First things first. Aside from smashing team goals or individual KPI’s, what else should we be rewarding our employees for? The great news here is there are so many positive behaviours that deserve to be recognised and rewarded. Consistently showing up with a positive mindset, boosting team morale, volunteering to benefit the community (inside & outside the office), taking initiative and solving problems are just a few of the many actions that deserve to be rewarded.  

With that in mind, here are the biggest trends (and our top ideas) when it comes to rewarding and recognising your team in 2022:

Verbal praise  

A speech acknowledging the exceptional efforts of your employees at a wine and dine celebration after that big project is guaranteed to give your team that feel-good, accomplished feeling.  


Experiences that drive authentic connection   

After a turbulent couple of years, there’s no better time to foster community within your workplace and reconnect with your team than right now. So, block out an afternoon (or a whole day) and lock in a socially connecting experience that says a big thank you. 


Self-care and wellness 

If you know your team has been putting in the work to meet tight deadlines, reward them with some R&R. An experience voucher for a day spa or even a getaway are excellent ways to say “I know you’ve been working hard, and I really appreciate it. Take a break!”. 


Personal growth opportunities 

Give your employees the opportunity to grow on a more personal level, outside of their career aspirations. Inspire them to get creative with a paint and sip class, learn a new skill at a cooking class or even step out of their comfort zone with a hot air balloon experience. Or, surprise them with an experience voucher they can put towards quality time with their family and friends. 


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