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How a competition using RedBalloon vouchers connects, engages and rewards

When we remember the best things in our lives, it’s pretty apparent that the things we did mean so much more than the things we had.

The experiences that we have help shape us, and they linger in our memories forever. At RedBalloon, we should know: we’ve been in the business of delivering incredible experiences for over twenty years.

What makes a RedBalloon voucher so prized? We think it’s got a bit to do with dreams. Everyone has dreams about certain things they’d like to do in their lives. When you give someone a voucher for an experience, you’re validating their dreams. You’re making wonderful things happen, that ordinarily might not have. It’s no wonder our vouchers are so popular when given out as prizes in competitions.

Connection is the quickest way to conversion

By giving someone a RedBalloon voucher, you’re giving them an experience and in doing so, engaging them in a more powerful way that you could with a more tangible prize. That’s because experiences build connections. Between people. Between employers and employees. Between brands and consumers.

We’ve found that RedBalloon creates instant conversations. It gets people talking about their experience….and by association, about your brand.

If you want to enter the hearts and minds of your staff or your potential prospects, giving them something extraordinary is a very good place to start.

A RedBalloon voucher is anything people want it to be

A RedBalloon voucher is anything people want it to be

We’ve been in the game for long enough to figure out what people genuinely love to do. We now have over five thousand experiences to choose from. Sure, we’re known for getting people jumping out of planes, whizzing around in fancy cars or watching whales do their thing, but we also have an incredible range of not so well-known offerings. Like day spa packages. Or personal stylist sessions. Or jetpack lessons!

You can choose to give away a specific experience, or leave your gift voucher at a certain value so the recipient can choose their own adventure.

People love having flexibility, which is why all our vouchers are transferable (i.e. swap any experience for an alternative) and are valid for five years

Why your brand and RedBalloon make perfect partners

We feel very lucky that RedBalloon has garnered exceptional goodwill over the years. We’re just one of those brands that people inherently like – after all, we’re all about positivity and the fun stuff!

This works really well for companies who partner with us. Because the happy sentiments wrapped around our brand, get passed on. It’s pretty simple. If you give people something enjoyable and memorable – a treat that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves – well, they’re going to like you.

Why your brand and RedBalloon make perfect partners

Remember, emotional connection is always the start

When you engage people’s emotions, you’re speaking to their inner being. People make decisions based on how they feel: Decisions about where to work. About who to hang out with. Who to trust. And about what to buy.

A RedBalloon voucher speaks to peoples’ emotions in a way cash or more traditional, tangible prizes can never hope to. You’re giving them a treat, or a long-held dream, or an adrenalin buzz, or simply a “You’re valued.” In every case, a memory. And people appreciate it… and remember who gave it to them.

Get this first step right and you’re well on your way to building lasting, successful and fruitful connections. And that’s got to be good business.

In summary experiences build your brand connection better than ‘things’ and RedBalloon is a recognised home grown brand.

Why Experiences Are Better Than Things:

    • Experiences result in greater happiness. According to research,
    • Experiences provide better memories.
    • Experiences result in less clutter.
    • Experiences provide greater opportunity to connect with other people.
    • Experiences result in greater mindfulness. Science magazine study
    • Experiences result in less comparison with others.

More than just a RedBalloon voucher

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