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Even the most fantastic competition won’t succeed if it doesn’t pull the numbers. We outline the best ways to get people talking – and entering

You’ve come up with a great idea for a competition, set the wheels in motion to get it all covered off in terms of legalities, locked in your fantastic RedBalloon prize/s; in other words, you’re set to go. But now comes the essential part – promoting your competition.

We’d like to guide you through the most effective ways to do this; because there are plenty. And most of them are free. Sure, you can choose to pay for things like Google Adwords, or Facebook or Instagram advertising but for now, let’s focus on the ways you can get people excited about your competition, that don’t require too much hard work or expense.

Remember, the more effort you put into this part, the more entries (and therefore, leads) you’ll receive.

Create an engaging and succinct landing page for your competition.

Don’t underestimate the power of visuals here. Show, rather than say in detail, what you’re offering… it’ll grab people’s interest. Have a great (short) video plus a photo of your prize, along with a brief description of the basic details. Get people excited, without going over the top. You’ll also need your entry form. Keep this very simple. 

Promote your competition on your website

Your website is the obvious place to start. Add a banner or tile to link directly to your landing page. Pop-ups can also be effective here.

Run an awesome competition with RedBalloon

Be all over social media

You’ve got all the assets, so use them. Put your competition front and centre on all your social accounts. Update your cover images to reflect the fact you’re holding a competition. Create a primary hashtag and use it frequently. Also use generic hashtags like #competition or #contest to further widen your audience.

If people comment, respond – continually remind them about what you’re doing and how they can enter. Update content regularly to keep your competition front of mind.

Email – everybody!

The people on your mailing list are quite likely your most loyal followers. Make sure they know what’s happening. Entice them with catchy subject lines, then go into detail about what they can win. Beguile and excite with your copy, and it’ll pay dividends in terms of click-through and competition entry numbers.

Work your contacts

If you’re a member of an online group or networking forum, promote your competition to those who already know you (check that you are allowed to first). These people are more likely to be interested in what you have to say, so you’ll achieve higher cut-through than if you were just going in cold.

In-person networking events provide even more opportunity for promotion.

Incentivise your existing customers

Consider asking your existing loyal customers to spread the word about your competition. These people know you and will vouch for you. You can sweeten the deal by offering them extra incentives to spread the word.

There are countless ways to get your message out there. Put the details of your competition on your email footer or signature. Speaking at a forum? Mention it toward the end of your speech. Write about it in a blog post (why are you holding the competition? Who’s it primarily for? Why have you chosen the prize you’ve gone for? Give people a bit of a backstory.) Know anyone with a relevant podcast? Get them aware – and involved.

Of course, you can go down the route of buying ad space or utilising influencers in your sphere. But that’s a different ball game altogether and can involve significant cost. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll go a long way toward maximising your chances of getting those all-important numbers of entries.

Remember, every single entry is a potential lead or contact, so keep focused on the promotional part – it’ll pay dividends when it comes to the business end of the competition.


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