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Guide to maintaining a happy and healthy workforce

In a competitive market, many companies find it hard to hire and then retain the best possible talent. While high attrition rates can be due to a number of varying factors, the most common cause of staff turnover is unhappy workers.

In order to treat your employees well – and keep them happy and healthy – you need to listen to their needs and design a workplace that works with them to reach both their personal goals and the business’s.

Work-life balance for reduced employee stress

Before exploring wellness programs or changing up the workplace, you can get your employees in a better headspace by focusing on their needs, namely work-life balance. Flexible working arrangements have become popular in recent years, and it’s worth investigating whether it could work for your business.

Could parents with young children take time in the mornings and afternoons to take their kids to and from school, and then make up those extra hours at home? Is there a fantastic new hire on your radar who lives out of state – and could the offer of remote working with daily teleconferences get them to join your team? There is so much more to work-life balance than just time off – and best of all, each circumstance is unique to the individual and the business.

Keep things changing

Within the office, it’s easy for employees to get bogged down in the day-to-day rigmarole. But an easy way to promote wellness is to promote constant change in their workdays.

Consider promoting a change of scenery through small adjustments. Are employees allowed to decorate their workspaces however they like? Could you introduce walking meetings, so participants get a breath of fresh air and a boost to their daily step count? Would a splash of colour on the walls or a few indoor pot plants liven up the office? What about health-conscious perks like standing desks and ergonomic chairs?

There are so many ways that minor changes can lead to big improvements in staff morale.

Introduce personal wellness goals

Being conscious of the health of your employees is vitally important in the modern workplace – especially if most of your staff sit at their desks for the majority of the day.

While you may not have the time or the funds to hire a personal trainer for your entire office, you can work together with your team to formulate personal – and group – wellness goals. Start small with mini fitness challenges and twice-daily stretching sessions to keep the blood pumping, and consider signing up to fun runs for further team bonding.

Investigate employee wellness programs

RedBalloon for Business can help your business with the design and implementation of an employee wellness program, fuelled by a foundation of team and personal experiences. With over 4000 experiences on offer, there are opportunities to participate in relaxation activities such as day spas and massages, right through to hiking, kayaking and abseiling. And if you have a RedBalloon Business Account, you can easily keep track of your spend and distribution.

The number one rule? Speak to your employees about what they want

Fitness programs won’t necessarily work for every company. After all, a personal training business won’t get the best out of their wellness program if it’s focused on the very thing their staff do every day.

Instead, give your employees the power to decide what they want for themselves. Set up an informal session to discuss their goals for the future. Health isn’t just about exercise, exercise, exercise. Maybe an educational session about better eating habits would be beneficial. Or perhaps a challenge in the spirit of Dry July could be what gets your employees more engaged at work.

The most important rule is to speak to your employees about what they want. Once you settle on a mutual goal or challenge, everyone will be more invested in the short-term gains and long-term outcomes.

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