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Creative employee rewards ideas

Creative employee rewards and recognition is the simplest way to improve employee engagement. We have met with many leaders that still struggle to find an efficient way to reward employees.

Recognition and reward is a challenge, but what we have learned well here at RedBalloon for Business, is that if you align the recognition with the team’s or company values, the reward you send to your employees has more than a monetary value. You make them feel that their contribution is impactful and they are moving the game forward.

The secret sauce to employee rewards are the organic ingredients: it has to be frequent, and it has to be creative. And don’t forget that one in three people leave an organisation because they feel that they are simply not recognised.

That’s why we have prepared this list of creative employee reward ideas that will help you to nail how to reward a valued employee or team for a well-done job.

1. Company Rewards

Company Rewards are great as they create engagement immediately. Having a fantastic corporate image gives you the opportunity to produce company swag such as limited edition t-shirts, mugs, umbrellas, notebooks or water bottles that your employees will wear with pride. You often see in the street lots of employees wearing with their Atlassian, Airbnb, Facebook, Airtasker, – you name it – t-shirts with pride, so if you thought a promotional branded item was an old school or boring reward, think again.

Another way of offering a creative company reward is organising some time for employees to have lunch – or even a drink – with the CEO. For example, at the Big Red Group of companies Naomi Simson, one of the group founders, organises walking catch ups with 3 or 4 employees at the time, during which, each employee is allowed to ask any question (personal or professional) and learn from one of the best entrepreneurs in Australia.

Unexpected rewards are also very popular. For example, a DJ! Wednesday is usually a day where everyone wants to feel like a Thursday (just because is closer to Friday!) so why not have your employees arriving at their desks with a DJ playing chill-out music as the day passes on?

2. Personal Development Rewards

Helping an employee to be the best version of themselves involves personal and professional development. Asking an employee over an email if they would like to read a book and which one, and getting it for them is a personal and unique way of rewarding an employee.

I remember one occasion that my manager asked me if I was interested in reading a book and the next day I had it on my desk! – It made me feel great. Again, it is not the reward; it’s the delivery.

Sending employees to conventions and conferences is also a great way to boost professional development. Learning the ultimate best practice trends in the industry and refreshing processes with new information, tools, or software is always something positive for both, employer and employee.

3. Local Rewards

RedBalloon for Business helps to design and implement reward and recognition programs, enabling your employees to choose from thousands of experiences. Local things to do such as meals in restaurants, museum passes, attractions, experiences, and getaways are just a few ways to recognise their efforts.

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