Wedding Anniversary Gifts

by Trisha Mee

If you're stuck for ideas of what to get your spouse for your wedding anniversary, look to tradition for some inspiration. Since the middle ages, couples have given each other themed gifts to signify the different stages of marriage. Traditionally, the 25th year of marriage is celebrated with a silver gift and the 50th year calls for something gold, but what about the years in-between? Here are the traditional themes for each year of wedded bliss and some gift ideas to match

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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The early years...

1st year: PAPER
Gift suggestions: A book, stationery set, handmade card or let them choose with a gift voucher

2nd year: COTTON
Gift suggestions: Pyjamas for her or pyjamas for him

3rd year: LEATHER
Gift suggestions: A stylish leather wallet, clutch or men's satchel is a gift they'll use time and time again.

Gift suggestion: A beautiful orchid plant for her or give the gift of fruit with a wine tasting tour for two!

5th year: WOOD
Gift suggestions: Personalised planku Australian hardwood serving board.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Gaining momentum...

6th year: CANDY
Gift suggestions: Spell out 'I love you' with a personalised message in chocolate

7th year: WOOL/COPPER
Gift suggestions: A woolen scarf or a copper cocktail set

Gift suggestions: A pottery class they've always wanted to take.

9th year: WILLOW
Gift suggestion: A willow tree to plant in the garden.

10th year: TIN/ALUMINIUM
Gift suggestion: A cookie tin filled with custom printed macarons.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Hitting the double digits...

11th year: STEEL
Gift suggestions: Stainless steel watch or a 24-piece cutlery set.

12th year: SILK/LINEN
Gift suggestions: A soft satin or linen robe, beautiful bedding, a tie or silk pocket square bearing his initials.

13th year: LACE
Gift suggestion: A tablecloth, gloves or lacy underwear.

14th year: GOLD
Gift suggestion: Your husband is sure to appreciate the gift of liquid gold, i.e, beer tasting tour and perhaps you can drop the hint about wanting something new for your gold jewellery collection.

15th year: CRYSTAL
Gift suggestions: A decanter and glasses set.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Getting up there!

20th year: CHINA
Gift suggestion: Stunning tableware or tea set.

25th year: SILVER
Gift suggestions: A stylish silver men's watch or cufflinks.

30th year: PEARL
Gift suggestions: Pearl necklace and earring set.

35th year: CORAL
Gift suggestion: A trip to the Great Barrier Reef to explore the stunning coral landscapes.

40th year: RUBY
Gift suggestion: This doesn't have to be of the precious stone variety. Consider gifts that are ruby in colour such as a deluxe red wine six pack or a driving experience in a red ferrari.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Serious milestones!

45th year: SAPPHIRE
Gift suggestion: You could opt for the jewel or for a different spin - think escaping to a location with sapphire blue waters, such as Tropical North Queensland.

50th year: GOLD
Gift suggestion: Gold jewellery or go big with a trip to the Gold Coast!

60th year: DIAMOND
Gift suggestion: Naturally diamond jewellery or accessories come to mind, but for an out-of-the-box idea, perhaps a trip to see Diamond Head in Hawaii.

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