Rainy day date ideas

Meg Draffin

Nothing puts a damper on a date like the rain. We often associate it with staying at home or not doing anything, so it can be easy to completely write off a date because the weather is not cooperating. But there are so many indoor date activities that are just as fun and exciting as outdoor activities. Rather than cancelling, discover a range of indoor date ideas that will impress, rain or shine. If you’re shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift and want to give an experience that is fool-proof, pick an indoor activity that will be able to go ahead regardless of what the weather is like that day. That way you’re guaranteed to enjoy either way.

What is the best date for a rainy day?

This depends on what you prefer to do. The best date ideas are personal. If you or your partner are big into food, you can go with one of two options. The first is taking them to a restaurant that you know they will love. Be selective with the cuisine and find something you can both enjoy. For the foodies who want to try something new, you can also book a cooking class for you to do together. Taking a class to learn new skills together is a great rainy day date idea that doesn’t rely on the weather. With so many different classes, from cheese-making to desserts, to a full Mexican and Margarita cooking class, you are bound to find something they will love cooking and eating.

What are rainy day date ideas that won’t ruin the day?

Don’t let the rain take away the fun of a date. Instead, find an indoor date idea that promises a day of fun. Our top pick for a unique date idea is a smash and splash room. If you’re feeling stressed or want to let off some steam, a smash room experience is a perfect activity to do just that. Once you have chosen your weapon of choice, smash up random objects or throw paint-filled balloons at the wall really release your frustrations. It’s a great rainy day date idea for couples to do together while bopping to your favourite tunes. If that seems a little too much for you, an escape room is another great indoor option. Solve puzzles together and put each other’s skills to the test in order to win. There’s nothing like a little competition and pressure to make a date more exciting.

What indoor date ideas can you do when it’s raining?

If it’s raining outside, don’t stress. Take the day to relax and reset with a day spa package. Why sweat the small stuff when you could spend hours in spa treatments, soaking in hot pools, or getting a couples massage to ease the stress? A couples spa treatment is the perfect rainy day date idea to turn the day around. For a little competitive fun, hit up an indoor golfing activity. Not only will you be safe from the rain, but you can compete with your partner on a mini-golf course to see whose putt-putt skills are better.

Date Ideas

Treat the one that you love to a brand new experience for you both with these awesome date ideas. Dates can become repetitive so mix it up with some activities you’ve both been meaning to try.

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