Mother's Day Surprise Gifts

by Rowena Grant

Surprising mum this Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to say thank you. Think about all the things that your mum has done for you. Think of all the times that she gave you the last piece of cake (when she really wanted it); the band aids she put on your various scrapes; the hours she spent working (whatever type of work it was – surely you know by now that motherhood is no walk in the park!); and the love she poured into your upbringing and personal development.

Feeling sufficient amounts of love yet?

The best thing about mums is that they’re sentimental: They love gifts with some thought in them. Why is this good for you? It allows you to really reflect on your relationship with your mum and identify something most likely to surprise her. On the financial side of things, it often means you don’t have to break the budget. If you have the means, grand gestures are a wonderful idea as well, but just remember flashing the cash isn’t always what impresses our mums.

No matter what your budget is, your mum will love that you’ve put the thought and effort into surprising her.

Make mum an artwork…

…and go all out with the glitter, textas, and drawing. It’s highly likely your mum loved the hideous drawings works of art you made her during primary school. For those of us who are less artistically inclined, the amount of fridge-worthy art you were bringing home dropped off significantly during the early stages of high school. Your mum doesn’t keep that drawing you did of her that makes her look like a monkey in a purple dress next to her bed because she loves the art. (It’s okay, Mum. I know…)

Drawings, art and homemade cards hark back to a time where you were presenting one of the most important people in your life with a gift that showed them how much you adored them. The simplest way to surprise your mum is to show that she is still one of the most important people in your life. (Even if you still can’t draw.)

mother's day art

Get crafty!

Turn up at her door unannounced

Surprise! I’m here in the flesh to celebrate Mother’s Day with you! Surprise visits, especially if you’ve moved out of town, are an easy way to make mum’s day. Just remember the following things:

  1. If mum thinks you’re not coming, she might just book herself an overseas flight. This has happened to yours truly. Plans ruined! (But she had a pretty rad time, so who can blame her?)
  2. Bring something for lunch/dinner/afternoon tea. If your mum doesn’t know you’re coming, there may be no food in the house. Plus, it’s Mother’s Day – the onus is on you to provide.
  3. Coordination of siblings for a giant surprise is very effective.

Re-enact old photographs from your childhood

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It ticks a couple of boxes. It combines memories of you as a child with your current awesomeness; it reminds your mum of when you were incredibly cute (which may have changed); it’s fun to do (especially when you go all out with costumes and siblings); and it’s unexpected.

For an added surprise, coordinate a photo shoot that includes your mum! She may have trouble holding you now that you’re five feet taller, but it’s worth the fun and laughter. Not so much into that idea? Take some new photos with your mum instead (or get her behind the camera!).

embarassing family photo

Image: (This probably isn't the look you want to be going for...)

Take your mum on an adventure

There’s a whole heap of short trips and adventures you can take your mum on. I don’t know about you, but my mum has caught the old fitness bug and is now fitter than me. I’m looking at things like obstacle courses, canyoning, hiking, bridge climbing, and more. Things like this don’t really fall into the realm of ‘Mother’s Day presents’, so that’s why they’re such a great surprise!

No matter what you do for mum this Mother’s Day, just keep in mind that she loves you. Any effort will be appreciated, and an extra special effort that’s kept a secret until the day will work wonders. Happy Mother’s Day!

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