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by Trisha Mee

As tempting as it is to spend a cold winter’s day in the warm confines of your home and settle in for a movie marathon, there are plenty of more exciting things to do indoors when it’s cold and wet outside. We’ve compiled a list of fun indoor activities for kids and adults to do in each state, so you have no excuses for not leaving the couch. 

New South Wales

  • Experience the same thrill as a freefall from 14,000 feet with an indoor sky-diving experience. It’s a fun day out for the whole family from ages 3 and up.
  • Pry your kids away from their movie for the promise of feeling like they're in one with a game of mini golf complete with special effects. The 19-hole course includes three themes; Under the Sea, Wild West and Pharaoh's Tomb. 
  • Test your driving skills in state of the art GT5 go karts on the largest indoor go karting track in Australia. Race friends, family members or try and beat your PB. It's a fail-safe school holiday activitiy everyone will enjoy.
  • For something unique to do indoors you can't go past an escape room experience which involves cracking puzzles, solving the crime and finding your way out of the interactive escape room before time runs out! 
  • Been there done that? Well here's something you may not have tried and it's a great activity for kids over 5 years of age. A flying trapeze workshop! Learn how to swing, flip & catch your way through a series of moves from a professional trapeze artist.
  • Not a thrill-seeker? Winter is the perfect opporutnity to develop your creative side with an art and craft class or painting and drawing lesson not to mention a great way to meet new people. 

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  • Pack the kids up for an outting to Cairns ZOOM and Wildlife Dome, the world’s first challenge ropes course in a wildlife immersion exhibit with four exciting high rope activities, a zipline over a four-metre croc and animal shows and presentations throughout the day. It'll keep the kids entertained for a few hours at least.
  • Strap yourself in and go for a spin on Australia's slickest, most realistic full motion F1 racing simulator. The advanced technology of these simulators mirrors every sensation and sound that a real Grand Prix racing car would produce, so much so they have been used in training by F1 racing drivers! And for V8 fans, there's a V8 racing simulator experience too. 
  • Consider yourself a super sleuth? Try an escape room challenge which involves solving puzzles and the crime. Choose from 3 differently themed escape rooms, or book two of the same themed rooms to compete against your friends and see who comes out first!

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Western Australia

  • Tired of eating dinner in tracksuit pants and UGG boots? Make the effort to dress up and turn dinner into a more glamorous affair with a three course dinner for two. The promise of a delicious meal and no washing up will make braving the cold totally worth it.
  • Looking for an activity that appeals to all ages? A sporting simulator experience will provide great indoor fun for everyone! Test your driving skills under tough conditions, perfect your golf stroke or uncover a hidden talent by playing a variety of simulated sporting games including cricket, ice hockey, baseball, bowling and more.
  • If you're in need of some 'me' time away from screaming kids, then a sensory deprivation tank experience will be money well spent. Spend an blissful hour floating in a soundproof tank of epson salts and come out feeling calm and relieved of any tension and stress.
  • Forget about the washing, ironing and cleaning for one solid hour and drift off to the relaxing sound of rain while you enjoy an indulgent massage by a qualified therapist all in the comfort of your own home.

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South Australia

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  • Pack the kids up for an outting to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium to enjoy an interactive adventure from the depths of the ocean to the icy waters of Antarctica. There are daily animal feeds, diver presentations and face-to-face encounters with amazing aquatic animals.
  • Don't let the rain get in the way of having a hit of golf. No matter what level of skill you're at the golf simulator is a fun way to improve your technique. Get tips from a coach, instant feedback on every ball you hit and a video-analysis of your swing so you can improve your golf game.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Chopper Reed and Squizzy Taylor and discover Ned Kelly's remains during a tour of Pentridge Prison, former home of some of Australia’s hardest criminals and resting place of 44 bodies. There have been reports of unexplained noises and silhouettes so be prepared to feel the presence of the building's chilling past.

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Australian Capital Territory

  • Fly a Boeing 737 with no experience necessary in this state-of-the-art flight simulator with an immersive fully enclosed flight deck to give you the impression you’re the pilot of a real aircraft. Choose from over 22,000 airports, the time of day and the weather conditions you fly in!
  • Cook up your own storm (in the kitchen) with a choose your own cooking class adventure weekend. There is a huge array of cuisines to choose from including BBQ, Spanish, Thai, Indian, Japanese and more! Improve your skills, create delicious meals and enjoy them with a glass of wine. 

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  • Take command of the cockpit and learn how to take off, perform manoeuvres in the air and land a Boeing 737 with an instructor in this flight simulator experience. Featuring the latest in immersive technology, you'll be blown away by how realistic this is! 
  • A body cocoon treatment is the most blissed-out way to keep warm this winter. A warm relaxing footbath defrosts the toes while dry body brushing gets the blood circulating. The pampering is then complete with the application of warm oil, cocooning and a head massage. 
  • Watch a movie in style with a Gold Class Cinema experience where you'll enjoy plush reclining chairs, intimate screenings and a delicious bar menu. It's the perfect setting for a romantic date or night out with friends.

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