Graduation Gifts

by Elisa Parry

School is out!

Finishing a university degree, or any form of long-term study is a feat worth celebrating. It’s also a great opportunity for families to come together and celebrate the start of a new chapter. When it comes to graduation gifts, go all out and give a gift worthy of the occasion. We’re talking about gifts with wow-factor. Gift them a story to tell. We’ve curated a list of epic graduation gifts ideas below.  

Graduation Gifts

Gift a getaway

After three years of study, gift the lucky graduate the chance to explore their own backyard on a cheeky getaway. It could be a weekend in a city they’ve never visited before, or a glamping adventure in the country to relax and unwind before the next chapter of their lives begin.

Graduation Gifts

Gift a driving experience

Give them the chance to blow off some steam on a thrilling driving experience. They could cut laps around the race track, or take a slow Sunday drive in a luxury car, or even head off-road in a V8 buggy adventure. Gift them the chance to unleash their inner rev-head in a safe and fun environment.

Graduation Gifts

Gift a flying experience

Chances are skydiving is at the top of most student’s bucket lists. This would be an awesome gift to mark the occasion. If you don’t think they’d be so keen to jump out of a plane, there is always hot air ballooning for those who would prefer to take in the views without the free fall. 

Graduation Gifts

Give a gourmet experience

Spoil their inner foodie with an indulgent dining experience. This is a lovely way to celebrate as a family. Choose somewhere iconic, like a harbour front location in Sydney, or go for something unique like a floating BBQ boat in Adelaide. Whatever you choose you’ll be enjoying good food and company.

Graduation Gifts

Give them the gift of choice

We have over 5000 experiences on RedBalloon. If you’re not sure which they would like the most, give them the option to choose with a RedBalloon gift card. They could go bridge climbing or shark diving – whatever takes their fancy. You can’t go wrong when you let them decide.

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