Experiences for Dad

by Trisha Mee

All dads have their go-to stories. They’re the tales about their greatest high-school sporting achievements; like the time he kicked the winning goal that shot past the keeper so fast it almost burnt a hole through the net. There are the stories that hint at his distinguished good looks; like the time he was mistaken for George Clooney. And there is always a story depicting him as the hero; like the time he climbed up a tree to rescue the neighbour's cat and ensured its safe return.

This Father’s Day, give your dad a bigger, better story to add to his repertoire. This selection of experiences will provide him with new and exciting stories to share at the next family get-together, or perhaps better an old story you've heard countless times before. 

Upgrade his fishing story about the time his baiting trick and patience paid off because he came home with not one, but TWO fish for dinner, with....

Give your dad a flying story worth bragging about so he can stop insinuating that the time he performed the perfect take-off and landing was when he was flying a real plane, with...

Test the truth to his story about how his quick reflexes and superior driving skills are the reasons why he has never had an accident in which he was at fault, with...

Give him a real adventure story instead of the one where he camped for 10 days without a tent so he could be closer to nature, but positioned himself 100m from a camp site, for...

Up the ante on his story about the time he infused the perfect amount of smoky barbecue flavour into his steaks which to this day he claims to be the best meat he’s ever eaten, for...

Provide him with a better sailing story than the one where he took his boat out on the river and it hit a rock and capsized because the water wasn't as deep as he thought it was, for...

...a deep sea fishing experience where he could potentially catch fish so big they would feed the family and the neighbourhood… for a week!

...a skydiving experience where the exhilaration of jumping out of a plane and the thrill of free-falling thousands of feet really classifies as a great story.

...a rally drive experience where these said superior driving skills and his ability to handle a car are really put to the test on a challenging dirt track race course.

...a rock-climbing experience that will challenge him physically and mentally as he works his way to the top of a mountain, while taking in the beauty of the great outdoors.

….a barbecue cooking class where he'll learn to create succulent marinade meats that will raise his profile amongst his mates as the true BBQ King (and get an apron saying so).

...a boat cruise through turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef for an amazing day of scuba diving and/or snorkelling to explore the stunning coral reefs and tropical fish.

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