Customer review: break room experience

by Elisa Parry

Heard the hype around break room experiences and not sure if it’s for you? The thought of smashing objects in a small room does seem a little odd! But trust us, it’s loads of fun. Don’t just take our word. Here’s one of our recent customer reviews of the break room experience.

"Well, we came in pretty hesitant but very curious. I’m not an angry person - how am I going to make this enjoyable? We weren’t sure if it was the energy of the briefing guy, or the music in the waiting room...but we were getting pumped up all of a sudden.

"A couple minutes later and we are smashing our first tacky Christmas ornament on this brick wall. We are geared up head to toe in protective gear, so the risk becomes less and less as you realise how safe you are.... and how fun this could really be.

"Plate after plate, mug, tiny little duck ornament and oil poured, each being obliterated on the wall, by bat, through a good throw or even a poor throw (where I swing the bat and completely miss the item, which was hilarious for viewers). I even managed to ‘dollar, dollar bill’ some plates, and made it rain ceramic!

"My cousin loved his present, we had a blast! Thank you so much for such an amazing adventure and such a simple gift to organise." Alicia, 09/01/2019.

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