Country Experiences

by Madeline Link

We’re all guilty of it. Staying late at work to finish up a task, completing mental to-do lists before bed and answering work calls on our weekends. But even the most relentless workaholic needs a break. 

They say change is as good as a holiday, but for those of us who find it hard to commit to long-term travels, the sneaky weekend getaway is the perfect alternative. So unchain yourself from the desk and put down your Blackberry, here are four ideal getaway ideas for stress-heads. You’ve earned it.

massage indulgent
Relaxation Station

What better way to leave the stresses of modern life behind than to appreciate the rolling green landscapes and fresh air of the countryside? Add natural mineral springs, holistic health services and spa retreats to the mix and you’ve found yourself in the heart of Hepburn Springs. A short drive from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne city, Hepburn Springs is the perfect country getaway. For those making the trip on a Saturday, enjoy a complimentary cheese platter on the house!

RedBalloon country retreat
Dine and un(wine)d

For the Casanova’s out there looking for an intimate getaway, or girlfriends looking to spoil themselves with a weekend away, look no further than Macedon Ranges wine country. Pop open the champagne and settle in for an unparalleled dining experience as you’re treated to a gourmet menu by qualified chefs. For those looking to explore the world beyond the vines, Woodend and Kyneton are only a stones-throw away. 

sailing sunset
Set Sail

We’ve all sat at our desks picturing the soft sound of rolling waves around us, the smell of salt in the air and a light breeze in our hair only to be snapped back to reality by a buzzing phone or pesky work request. Why not make your daydreams a reality? Lucky for you, this getaway is much closer to home. Throw your work responsibilities overboard and spend a night on a private Beneteau Oceanis Yacht moored at Palm Beach, Pittwater. Watch the sunset from the deck with a loved one, dive into the cool ocean from the swim platform at the rear of the boat, or enjoy a leisurely snorkel with the local marine life. You’re the boss, it’s completely up to you.

RedBalloon country retreat
Drift away with your head in the clouds

Nab the best view in the house aboard a sunrise hot air balloon flight over the Yarra Valley. Take in the rolling hills and grassy plains before landing and enjoying a champagne breakfast at Rochford Wines (it’s 5pm somewhere, right?). For those looking to pamper themselves, indulge in a massage or treatment at the Yarra Glen day spa followed by robust wines in a luxury deluxe one bedroom spa suite. We won’t blame you if you call in sick on Monday to keep the getaway going.

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