Bring Out Your Inner Child

by Natasha Mansfield

Is the monotonous sludge of your day-to-day life threatening to bury you? Sure, you could probably exercise more, start meditating, and eat healthier, but honestly, who has time for that? 

If you regularly find yourself wishing for a time machine to travel back to a simpler period in your life, look no further! Here you will find the answers to recapturing that youthful energy, freedom and innocence you once possessed as a child, all those years ago. 

RedBalloon Zip Trek
Tree Top Adventure and Zip-Trek

When was the last time you climbed a tree? The Tree Top Adventure and Zip-Trek is tree climbing for adults. But so, so much better! If meandering your way through a tree top obstacle course and zip lining down giant flying foxes tickles your fancy, this is the one for you. Feel the wind whip through your hair (or lack there of) as you jump from branch to branch. Relive the adrenaline of free falling as you safely swing between the Blue Gums, 25m off the ground, through 110 different challenges and more than 20 zip-lines! 

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RedBalloon Plughole Caving
Jenolan Caves Plughole Caving Experience

Unearth your inner Lara Croft and prepare for a day of tomb raiding with the Jenolan Caves Plughole Caving Experience! Abseil 10m down into the mouth of the Elder cave and wind your way through the narrow tunnels, crawling and climbing through a labyrinth of chambers. Perfect for those without an archaeology degree; find yourself 100m below ground amongst the crystals and caves of Australia’s 340 million-year-old geologic history! 

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RedBalloon Ghost Tour
Ghost Tour of Historic Sydney

Remember sitting around the torch during a blackout and trying to scare your siblings with that creepy story your best friend’s older brother told you that one time? Well now you can live the horrifying, spooky truth for yourself with a Ghost Tour of Historic Sydney. Hear the very real scary stories of murder, mutilation and mystery as you walk the cobblestone alleyways of The Rocks precinct, lit lantern in hand. Get the pulse racing with this ghoulish adventure! 

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RedBalloon Marine Biologist for a day
Marine Biologist for the Day

Remember when the grown ups would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up and you would say, “a marine biologist so I can swim with the dolphins!” (That wasn’t just me, right?) Well now you can*, and you don’t even need to spend years studying for the degree beforehand! Spend the day at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium for the full behind the scenes experience. Feed the sharks, prepare a meal for the stingrays, and even play with an octopus!

*Dolphins may or may not be included.

Find out more about this experience here

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