House & Garden

Housewarming gifts and gifts for the home are usually hard to choose. So we've removed all that hard work and created plenty of great housewarming gifts and ideas, such as Feng Shui, interior design or even a flower arrangement course.

Welcome to Wrapped. Wrapped by RedBalloon is the new kid on the gifting block - stocking thoughtful gifts for thoughtful people. We’re here for the same reason as you are; because the important people in your life deserve better gifts. And while we may be the new kid on the block, we’re born from RedBalloon - so gifting runs in our DNA.

At Wrapped we stock thoughtful gifts for thoughtful people. Gifts for kids who see animals in the clouds. Gifts for couples that dress the same. Gifts for that guy who always brings quince paste to the party. So if you’re as keen as we are to get serious brownie points and more ahhs than mehs, join Wrapped and let’s give better gifts.