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Naomi Simson

In the media

Naomi is often called upon by the media to comment on topics including employee engagement, leadership, management, women in business and entrepreneurship. As a result she has been extensively interviewed on national TV and radio, and in national newspapers, magazines and online media platforms. 

In October 2012 Naomi was announced as a LinkedIn Thought Leader - one of only two Australian Influencers selected to share unique knowledge and professional insights with a potential audience of 175 million LinkedIn members. See Naomi's latest offerings and follow her updates by connecting here

Naomi also contributes to SmartCompany, and has her own personal blog, which is listed in the top 15 of Australia's best business blogs.

In the Media

August 2013

How to Give a Killer Speech - Marie Claire

Naomi shares her tips on giving a memorable speech.


June 2013

Cover Story - The Weekly Review

Featured on the cover telling the story of taking RedBalloon from nothing, to a $50 million business in just over a decade

Happy Workplaces - BRW

Naomi says "happy" is often seen as a dirty word in the workplace - at least for some.


April 2013

The Australian

How Naomi turned passion and an idea into a $50m online enterprise.


February 2013

Column - Samara Magazine

RedBalloon Founder Naomi Simson poses the question, "Are entrepreneuras stopping their own growth?"


December 2012

Good Times - LATTE Magazine

Naomi reveals her personal and professional challenges in growing a successful business.


October 2012

Smart Talk - BRW

Naomi on what businesses can do to encourage happiness at work


August 2012

Smart Talk - BRW

The importance of recognising and rewarding good people.

At what cost parenting? Samara Magazine

The importance of recognising and rewarding good people.


July 2012

Daggy could become the new cool in marketing - The Australian

Naomi's column comparing Apple and Samsung tablets claims function over fashion could prove hot for Samsung.


May 2012

Face it. Social media won't work if the brand's bland - The Australian

Not all businesses need a Facebook page.


April 2012

RedBalloon's Vision was no flight of fancy - The Age

Naomi reminisces about building the business.

How the dream got airborn - SMH

Naomi reminisces about building the business.


March 2012

Pinterst Provides Direct Connection

Naomi shares her thoughts on social media site Pinterest, the new frontier of social media.

Smart Talk - BRW

Naomi tells how a leader's actions and ability to inspire people towards a shared purpose can set the tone for the whole organisation.


February 2012

A great idea is just a starting point - SMH

Naomi reminisces about building the business.


January 2012

The Impossible Dream? - Human Capital

Naomi talks about what makes a 'Dream Employer' and why it's within the reach of every organisation.

Naomi Simson - Public Accountant

Naomi shares her success story - and enjoys a photo shoot with head of security Dexter. 

What's Your Dream Work? - NETT

Following the release of the 2011 Insync Surveys and RedBalloon Dream Employer report, asking people who they dream of working for can have some surprising results.


October 2011

Why Values Count - Business Review Weekly

The importance of values in the workplace and how RedBalloon wants every member of the team to feel like an owner capable of making decisions and getting things done. 


September 2011

Role Models Key to End Gender Imbalance - The Australian

Australia needs more women in executive roles and on boards if the gender imbalance is to end. 

Tips for Online Brand Building - The Australian

How workers can help spread a product's web presence and be the most valueable brand ambassadors around.


October 2009

Naomi Simson on The Secret Millionaire - Channel 9

Watch a preview of Naomi's episode on the Australian premier of The Secret Millionaire. 


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