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Theme and adventure parks

Theme parks are the perfect experiences for little kids...and big kids too! With our range of theme parks and water parks all over Australia, you'll be sure to have the ride of your life at one of these amusement parks. Whether you're looking for school holiday activities, presents for kids and teens or something the whole family can enjoy, you can't go past one of our theme parks!

7 Results
7 Results

Big kids have a little secret: amusement parks are not and never have been for little kids alone. Shhhh, you read it here folks. More than half the rides out there are designed to thrill and entertain adults, albeit, teens included. We’re talking thrill seeking lovers of rides who seek frightening levels of excitement. Heart-beating-out-of-chest level of excitement. But thankfully for parents and carers alike, there’s ample rides and attractions for tiny tots up to tweens too. So from theme parks to water parks, if there’s so much fun to be had across all age groups, what are you waiting for?

Which is the best theme park to go to?

It’s a tough one to answer which theme park is the best as there is never a clear answer. From Gold Coast theme parks to Sydney theme parks and everything in between, RedBalloon has the most exciting range of amusement parks that are all crowd pleasers. Sometimes we’re asked, what are the cheapest theme park deals? We often have the most exciting theme park deals around, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any coming offers. Since theme park tickets and their costs may change from time to time, what you really need to do is weigh up what your mission entails: Are you entertaining a large group? Is there a mix of kids and adults? Is your group a mix of tiny to teen? Is it a date night? Do you need a family ticket? Are you looking for theme park passes?

After working out what you need for yourself and your party, search for your closest area to identify the amusement parks in your area. But what if there are few members of your group who are just not that into theme parks? Tell them not to worry! There are plenty of options out there around Australia so you can still get a thrill without hopping on one single apparatus. Some of RedBalloon’s favourite activities outside of the atypical thrill ride, include things like Melbourne and Adelaide’s escape room experiences, Surfer’s Paradise Believe it or not Odditorium, Smash it up Break room experiences and Sydney’s Holey Moley’s mini golf and cocktails to name a few.

Just as theme parks have a bounty of food options available, so too the equally excitable non-ride amusement facilities. These other types of amusement parks if you like, extend their hospitality to offer RedBalloon customers exceptional deals such as two for one deals, deals with meals and more. Take The Enchanted Adventure Garden for example. They have a family ticket for four and includes six scrumptious tapas plates from the Green Olive for the whole family and a glass of wine each for the parents! This generous offer will fill up hungry tummies in between ride and exploring these magnificent grounds on the Morning peninsula in Victoria. It has mazes to trick, confuse and entertain you, that also teach kids (and parents) strategies on trial and error. There are gentle rides to hop on, tubes to slide down and so much more.

So what are you after? Thrill rides with burgers and fries? Water park with the tallest and longest tube on the southern hemisphere? A toddler paddling pool with gentle sprinklers or a season pass to the wildest theme park around? Whatever your fancy, RedBalloon will definitely have something exciting on offer close to home. Take a look!

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