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Swimming with dolphins

Swim with dolphins and get to know these magnificent animals in their home. You can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat or opt for a dolphin watching tour and watch them swim by the side of your boat. Dolphin swimming is a joyful experience and is one that you won't forget. These are also some of the best gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Christmas!

12 Results
12 Results

Dolphin encounters

Swimming with dolphins is a magical experience you’ll always look back on. Known for their playful and intelligent behaviour, there is something truly amazing about seeing them up close in their natural habitat. The dolphin encounters available on RedBalloon offers a variety of ways to see these animals in the wild. From swimming with dolphins in open waters to cruises with viewing decks to watch them from, you’ll find the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of dolphins.

Can you swim with dolphins in Australia?

RedBalloon offers a variety of experiences so you can swim with dolphins Australia wide. It doesn’t matter if you have done it before, swimming with dolphins is the perfect experience for all levels, with options even available for kids. You will also find a range of experiences on RedBalloon that include swimming with seals or even whale sharks in Australia.

Swimming with dolphins near me

If you’re looking for swimming with dolphins near you, jump onto RedBalloon and browse through our range of dolphin encounters. You’ll find a variety of experiences available around the country, allowing you to choose the perfect way to get up close to dolphins in your chosen location!

Where can you swim with dolphins?

On RedBalloon, you will find a variety of experiences perfect for swimming with dolphins. These dolphin encounters are offered around the country, with experiences in Perth, Bunbury, Forster NSW, the Sunshine Coast, Port Phillip Bay, Sorrento in Mornington Peninsula and Glenelg in Adelaide. There is no better way to swim with dolphins Australia wide than with a RedBalloon experience.

How much does it cost to go swimming with dolphins?

You will find a variety of swimming with dolphins experiences on RedBalloon within your price range. Experiences start from $80 for a swim with wild dolphins cruise which allows you to get up close and personal with these majestic marine creates. Whilst enjoying swimming with dolphins, they’ll get so close you could almost touch them! During the cruise you will encounter three types of dolphins – the local Bottlenose, common dolphins and Oceanic Bottlenose dolphins.

Do dolphins bite?

If you love the idea of experiencing swimming with dolphins but you’re worried they may bite, don’t be! It is very rare for dolphins to bite humans and all our experiences are conducted by professionals so you’re in safe hands when you choose RedBalloon.

Animal experiences

If you loved our range of swimming with dolphins, then discover all our animal experiences to bring out your inner nature-lover. From aquarium and zoo packages to horse riding, and shark diving to whale watching, there are plenty of amazing ways to experience animals in their natural environment with RedBalloon experiences.

Swimming with whale sharks

Once you have experienced a swim with dolphins, why not tick off swimming with whale sharks. This once in a lifetime adventure is a memorable experience you will never forget. With experiences located in Exmouth, WA there is no better location to take the plunge and swim besides these majestic creatures.


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