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Shark diving

Think you’re brave enough to come face to face with a shark? Get up close and personal with these fascinating animals with one of our shark diving experiences. Dive into the deep and witness the graceful movements of one of our most feared underwater predators.

2 Results
2 Results

Swimming with sharks

Shark diving is the perfect experience if you’re looking to face your fears, tick something off your bucket list or a memorable gift idea. There is nothing more exhilarating them coming face to face with one of the most feared creatures and living to tell the tail. But don’t worry, we offer plenty of caged and aquarium experiences, so you’re in safe hands whilst swimming with sharks. Enjoy action-packed shark diving in locations around the country including Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

How much does it cost to shark dive?

Discover thrilling shark diving experiences on RedBalloon for a reasonable price. Starting from $189, you can enjoy an ocean dive with sharks on the Sunshine Coast. This experience will see you head out to sea and enter shark infested waters for the dive of a lifetime without a cage! You’ll embark on a scenic glass bottom boat ride out to a secret reef off Mooloolaba and take the ultimate plunge, coming face-to-face with grey nurse sharks. You will also find a wide range of shark cage diving, aquarium dives and ocean dives on offer at RedBalloon.

What are the best shark diving experiences?

RedBalloon offers some of the best shark diving experiences in the country. Some of our customers’ favourite ways to dive with sharks include:

  • Shark dive at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium: experience the thrill of coming face-to-face with a shark and take the plunge inside SEA LIFE Sydney’s Oceanarium. You’ll also encounter giant stingrays and hundreds of exostic fish on this guided dive tour.
  • Dive with sharks at The Aquarium of Western Australia: plunge into the aquarium’s three million litre shipwreck coast and come face-to-fin with sharks, turtles and the world’s largest stingrays. After being led on an amazing underwater dive adventure, spend the rest of the day exploring the 40+ exhibits on offer.
  • Shark dive at Cairns Aquarium: conquer your fears and experience sharks up close. Dive into the Cairns Aquarium’s reef tank and swim amongst a number of other marine animals like large stingrays and Queensland groupers. Dive in if you dare!

How safe is shark diving?

There are plenty of different ways to experience shark diving in Australia, ranging in safety levels. One of the safest and most comforting ways to experience diving is inside a cage which will create a barrier between you and any sharks. You will also find aquarium shark dives which all include a safety, pre-dive briefing. It is important to note that for some experiences there is a minimum age. If you have any pre-existing conditions but want to dive, you may be required to get a doctor’s medical clearance form. Please check the important information on the product page before proceeding. It is recommended participants are competent swimmers and have good health.

Shark cage diving

Dive into the ultimate thrill-seeking experience! Shark cage diving is the perfect way to get up close to these predators without having to worry about getting a little too close. If you’re interested in swimming with sharks but aren’t ready to venture out into the open waters, why not try a shark dive at an aquarium. It’s the perfect way to experience a dive with sharks but within a controlled environment! RedBalloon offers shark diving at SEA LIFE Sydney, Melbourne, at the Aquarium of Western Australia and Cairns Aquarium.

Where can I go shark cage diving?

RedBalloon offers shark cage diving experience in Port Lincoln, South Australia. The Great White Shark observing in their natural habitat experience is the perfect cage dive in Australia. You’ll experience the wonder of the legendary Great White Sharks in their natural habitat in this once in a lifetime adventure. It’s the perfect bucket list experience for shark lovers and adrenaline junkies alike.

Swimming with whale sharks

Love the idea of swimming with sharks but aren’t ready to tackle some of the scarier species? Discover our range of swimming with whale shark experiences. Plunge into the blue water and swim next to the biggest fish in the world.

Swimming with dolphins

Not ready to tick shark diving off your bucket list? Why not try for something more majestic than thrilling and swim with the dolphins. You can take the plunge and try swimming with the dolphins around the country from Perth to Port Lincoln, and Port Stephens to Sunshine Coast.

Animal experiences

If you loved shark diving, then check out a range of animal experiences that will bring out your inner nature-lover. From zoo passes to horse riding, and whale watching to aquarium packages, get up close to your favourite animal with a RedBalloon experience.


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“I may be known as the ‘Red Shark’ on television, but this is an experience I was always very apprehensive about for a number of years. But I decided to face it head on once and for all.” – Naomi Simson, May 2019.

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