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Sailing and yacht charters are one of the best ways to experience beauty of the water. Choose from romantic overnight yacht charters for two, sailing cruises with lunch and drinks, hands-on sailing trips or something with a touch of luxury. Once out on the glittering waves you'll see why we think yacht charters and sailing cruises are such a treat! These are the perfect gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or even Christmas.

17 Results
17 Results

Sailing cruises

RedBalloon offers a variety of amazing sailing experiences and cruises that are the perfect way to hit the open sea and explore the marine life. We offer a range of experiences perfect for those wanting to learn how to sail or those simply looking for a relaxing sailing cruise that will let them sit back and relax whist the captain takes care of the rest. These sailing adventures are also the perfect gift ideas for those celebrating a special occasion from birthdays, anniversaries and everything in between. They will love being able to spend a day onboard luxurious sailing boats or yacht charters whilst exploring picturesque scenery and the Australian coastline.

Yacht charters

You can also find a variety of yacht charters on RedBalloon that are the perfect luxurious experiences to treat yourself or someone else to. Some of our top selling yacht charters include:

  • Private luxury yacht, dinner, bed and breakfast for 2 people: When it comes to romantic evenings, this is as good as it gets… lazing on a luxury yacht, enjoying delicious cuisine and marvelling at the lights of the our city reflecting on the waters of Sydney Harbour. Your stay aboard will see you waking up on the beautiful Harbour!
  • Luxury yacht cruise and 2 course dining experience for 2 people: Sit back and enjoy the stunning Melbourne scenery or participate in sailing the yacht, it’s up to you! Once your cruise is complete you will enjoy a beautiful lunch or dinner at a contemporary restaurant on the water’s edge.
  • Romantic private yacht cruise and seafood platter for 2 people: Cruise the glorious Pittwater in style on a skippered luxury yacht charter for your own use. Find a secluded bay or go for a swim; an experienced skipper will take you wherever you want to go! Moor up and enjoy a delicious lunch of fresh seafood.

How to sail?

At RedBalloon, we hear so many sailing first timers ask: how do I sail? Or what do I need to sail a boat? These are valuable questions when it comes to sailing basics, but rest-assured!RedBalloon have rustled up the most efficient specialists who have extensive experience in Australian sailing. And the best part? These wonderful specialists have each taken the time to design special experiences for you to enjoy, whatever your boat sailing skills.

Most people inexperienced in sailing think sailing yacht is exactly like the Sydney to Hobart race – physically demanding with you and your crew up against the gruelling open seas. This is not so! At RedBalloon we have different kind of activities. Our sailing sport has more luxury yacht experiences with delicious chef-cooked meals and champagne, or a day cruise with lunch on board a tall ship fresh banquet and drinks, or you could gently sip and sail a twilight cruise with your partner in crime for a romantic night and change of scenery.

From sailing Sydney, sail Melbourne to sailing around north and west of Australia, RedBalloon have so many sailing cruises to choose from. There are morning sail boats that include coffee and breakfast in Queensland, there are luxury sailing yacht cruises with dinner and wine for two on waters edge in Melbourne, you can even climb the mast of a tall ship at The Rocks in Sydney where you could yawp a big old: ‘Ahoy there!’

Have you ever wanted to go on one of our sailing tours? If you fall in love with an experience that’s not in your local state or area, why not make a trip out of it and travel there. That would really add to the adventure! Sailing cruises are also loads of fun, but which one do you choose? That answer will definitely come down to what kind of activity you want. Love a thrilling ride? Then you’ll love the Thundercat Tour across the Whitsundays. During this experience, you’ll get to snorkel and enjoy a yummy lunch that’s provided. Looking for something more romantic? Why not sail into the sunset on a luxury yacht in the heart of DarlingHarbour. Your skipper will show you the sights on this private RedBalloon experience where you can sit back and enjoy the complimentary bottle of wine.

What to wear on a sailing trip?

But the biggest question on everyone’s lips is: what to wear! A stripy shirt and a fisherman’s sailing cap of course! Just kidding. Although you could very well wear these delightful items, we do however recommend:

  • Flat shoes with rubber soles, preferably covered so as not to cause any slipping on deck or other accidents!
    Comfortable and suitable clothing: as much as romantic, flowy clothing might be an attractive option, it may not be the most practical, so we recommend dressing in comfy clothes.
  • Pack extra layers: the wind could pick up at any moment, so make sure you have a cardi or lightweight layers handy.
  • Sunglasses: a must-pack item especially if you’re going in the day. Morning sailing tours or sailing cruises won’t be as much fun if you’re squinting the whole time.
  • Sun protection: this is important to remember even on cold days. Make sure you bring along enough sunscreen for everyone in your party as there’s bound to be someone who did not slip slop slap before embarking on their day.

Water sports

Discover these sailing cruises and yacht charters plus plenty more experiences with our entire range of water sports. From thrilling jet boat rides to magnificent snorkelling adventures, you’ll find plenty of amazing water sports that are perfect for exploring the open ocean or underwater world.

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