Kite Surfing Lesson Beginner To Advanced - 2 Hours

Shoalwater Bay, Perth

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    Kiteboarding is the latest extreme sport that is providing an adrenalin rush to anyone who loves the outdoors. We have 4 separate lesson levels so depending on your experience, whether you are just starting out or ready for jumps and tricks, we have a range of lessons to suit.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Our kite surfing lessons are separated into the following 4 categories, depending on your skill level you will be placed into one of the following:

    In this first 2 hour lesson we teach you the basics of kiteboarding including safety, equipment set-up, wind effects, kite control and launching and landing your kite on the beach.

    For this lesson you need to be able to comfortably control the kite and launch and land. We will get you in the water bodydragging and take you right through to starting to put the board on your feet. You'll enjoy your first true taste of kiteboarding in getting up and sailing.

    You need to have already started to try getting up on the board before commencing this lesson. We focus on board skills for this 2 hours and hope to have you up and riding at the end of this level.

    By now you should be up and riding on the board and just need to focus on some of the finer techniques such as riding upwind, switching directions and ensuring your stance is correct. In most cases we will get you to perform a small jump by the end of this level.

    All equipment for the lesson is provided, you just need to come dressed in your swimmers / boardies and wetsuit if you feel the cold to experience the thrill of kiteboarding.

    We issue an IKO Kiteboarder card once you have reached a certain level. The back of the card marks your progress and status which is required for subsequent lessons anywhere in the world and if at a later stage you wish to hire equipment.

    PLEASE NOTE: This experience is available for bookings from November to March ONLY. The price quoted is for one two hour lesson.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Lessons run daily between Novemeber and March (summer months) and are 2 hours in length. Lesson times are from 12 noon for beginner session and 2pm for Intermediate or Advanced Sessions (weather permitting). Weekends are particularly busy and should be booked at least a month in advance.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for 1 person. We can have 2 instructors teaching lessons at any one time. Each instructor can have up to a maximum of 2 people in a lesson per session.


    During November and March the weather is fairly consistent and we do normally have a sea breeze all day. If there is heavy rain, the lesson will need to be rescheduled and we will call you to arrange another mutually agreeable time.

    Dress Code

    Please make sure you come in your bathers or boardies and bring a towel and wetsuit or rashy if you do feel the cold (although a t-shirt will suffice). Please ensure that you are wearing sunscreen during the lesson.

    Other Info

    Jason Lewis is our main Kiteboarding Instructor who has been teaching for over 5 years and has 10 years wakeboarding and 12 years windsurfing experience. All other Instructors are qualified by IKO and have extensive training and experience.
    ... and Importantly


    We teach anyone over 15 who is moderately fit and can swim well. We have equipment to suit most people and can adjust the progress of the lesson to suit each individual.


    Refunds are not permitted but postponement of your lesson is allowed as long as 48 hour notice is provided to allow other students to fill this spot.