Team Cocktail Shake Up Event For 30 - AUS


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    Just like the pros behind your favourite cocktail bar - learn how to mix cocktails with some of Australias best cocktail bartenders. Youll be blending, shaking, pouring and sipping your way through a hilarious cocktail mixing extravaganza.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    You’ll learn the tricks of the trade in a 2-3 hour cocktail megamix so when you serve up cocktails at your next dinner party, your guests won’t give a damn what they get for a main course.

    The cocktail shake up brings groups of 30 or more together with a team of professional bartenders. You’ll be shown all the tricks of the trade that makes all that liquid pizzazz look so easy.

    Your expereince starts with an arrival cocktail mixed by your trainers. They make you all feel comfortable and with a little help of the imbibing – relaxed and ready to take charge of the mixing station.

    Following this your trainer will present a 20 minute demonstration on how to mix a variety of cocktails like margaritas, fruit martinis and long drinks like mojitos or a famous caipiroska. You may be asked to join in a little here but be assured, this will be great fun. The focus will be to build your knowledge so you can give it a go yourself.

    The next step will be to form groups around mixing stations that are set up with a variety of fruits, juices and alcohol. There’ll also be a good selection of equipment and together as a group you’ll take on the challenge of shaking up the perfect cocktail.

    After you’ve become confident with your creation you’ll take the main stage to compete in the main event – the cocktail shake up. Here is where twisting and shouting is all part of the performance. Add a little music, a splash of confidence and a decent pour of performance and the cocktail shake up takes shape as one of the most entertaining events you’ll ever take part in. Of course the high achievers will get consolation prizes but no one goes away empty handed as you’ll all get to enjoy your cocktails.

    It’s great fun and an excellent team building initiative. Once you’ve been through our cocktail Shake up you’ll feeling confident to mix a cocktail anywhere.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    This experience runs for approximately 3 hours including arrival cocktails. This can be tailored to suit your needs accommodating group numbers and other commitments. This experience is available every day of the week. Please book as far in advance as possible.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for 30 people.


    This experience is not affected by the weather.

    Dress Code

    Please dress comfortably.

    Other Info

    Having substantial food available is a prerequisite for this experience. Please make suitable arrangements with your own caterer. Other packages are available and include books, cocktail shakers and food packages. This is the base set up cost for up to 30 people, larger numbers please contact us.
    ... and Importantly


    This experience has a perquisite that substantial food must be available for all participating guests. You must be 18 years or older to participate. Please advise us of any medical conditions that you have that may affect your participation in this experience.