Canoe By Moonlight

Brisbane, QLD

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    Come on a moonlight canoe trip through tranquil waterways. Glide along in silence with the moon glistening on the water. You will see things reserved for adventurers. Pelicans feeding, fish that jump out of the water attracted by the gleam of your headlamp, sometimes they land in the canoe!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Enjoy this romantic canoe adventure by moonlight! You will see blue neon lights flashing in the canoes bow waves and glistening from your paddle strokes. This blue phosphorescence is caused by the salt content of the water glistening under the light of the moon. It's amazing to see the hull of your canoe illuminated with this eerie blue light that sparkles in the paddle splashes. The effect is amazing.

    You need absolutely no skill to canoe and to come on this trip. It is perfectly safe; heaps of fun and you won’t get sunburnt. But, if you are known to be all fingers and thumbs when it comes to outdoor stuff, you can come on a day time pre-training trip with us - just call if you're uncertain.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    The full moon occurs approx. every 28 days, our dates are scheduled on the Friday that occurs closest to the Full Moon. We assemble at 6.30pm and return for a Moonlight supper by 9.30pm. You can be snug and safe at home by Midnight.

    Numbers on the Day

    Maximum of 12 persons, individual bookings taken.


    Trips run in all weather conditions except heavy rain and high winds.

    Dress Code

    Wear clothing that will dry quickly and keep you warm. Polar Tec or polypropylene is ideal or a light spray jacket, as well as a change of clothes, a towel, old sandshoes or diving booties, a headlamp or torch and your swimming togs.

    Other Info

    All canoe gear and boats, refreshments and supper is included. You may like to bring additional snacks and some drinking water.
    ... and Importantly


    You must disclose any health conditions or limitations that may endanger yourself or others.
    *You will be required to sign a disclaimer on the day.