Personalised Wooden Arrow


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  • Beautiful wooden ornament
  • Personalised message engraved in Morse Code
  • Morse code alphabet booklet so you they'll be able to decipher your message

A personalised and thoughtful gesture for someone special, this encoded arrow will make their day! Engraved with a personal message, the wooden decor piece is not only stylish but sentimental too! Along with the arrow they'll get a Morse Code alphabet so they can read the message.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Wooden arrow made from sustainably sourced Spotted Gum
  • Your personalised message will be translated into Morse Code and engraved on the arrow
  • Free delivery

Australian made, this elegant homewares item bares a hidden message, just for its special owner. The arrow is crafted from sustainably sourced Spotted Gum and features an engraved Morse Code message at its centre, fully personalised by you. The personal nature of this gift makes it perfect for a birthday, milestone occasion, anniversary or marriage proposal. Since the message isn't comprehended at once, the receiver will need to decipher it using the enclosed Morse Code alphabet, making the unveiling of this present a momentous and fun experience. It also means that when the receiver displays their gift at home, the message is known only to them and the people they choose to share it with.


L 600mm x W 80mm x D 19mm (approx)