Custom Pet Portrait Illustration

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  • Personalised portrait of your pet
  • Original drawing on A3 art paper
  • Can include quirky details

A perfect gift for anyone who loves their pet as part of the family, this original hand drawn piece is completed in a couple of weeks by a talented artist. The drawing is done on A3 art paper with oil based coloured pencils. All you need to do is send through a few photos & the rest is done for you!

  • Free Delivery
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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Custom drawing on A3 art paper
  • Can include quirky details 
  • Free delivery 

Know someone who thinks the world of their beloved animal best friend? Or perhaps you think the family dog is a star in need of their likeness forever captured in the medium of art? Whatever the case, this is the personalised gift for any animal lover! A custom drawing of your beloved pet, handmade by a talented artist.

Taking a few weeks to complete this detailed drawing comes on a piece ofA3 acid free hot-pressed watercolour paper and is done in stain resistant oil-based coloured pencils. Whether it's Biscuit the Bunny, ol' Blue or Miss Fluffy; the artist will capture your pet's appearance and personality - all they need is a few photos for reference.

After purchase you will be contacted by the supplier to make arrangements to send the photo through and talk about the design of your piece.