Personalised Owl Wall Decal

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  • Cute custom-name wall decal with owl
  • Range of popular colours
  • Great decoration for small spaces

Personalise a baby's nursery with this cute custom name with owl wall decal! Choose two colours from a range of the most popular to create a unique decoration or gift for any child.

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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • One name, 55cm long, height varies according to length of name
  • One name initial, 55cm wide
  • One owl, 25cm
  • "How to apply" instructions

Please note: name, initial and owl are separate decals, you can arrange them as you like on your wall.

Colours available

  • Red, dark red, yellow, orange, green, forest, pink, magenta, bright blue, light blue, grey, white, dark blue, mint, violet, teal, brown, black, ivory or gold
  • You will be asked to type your desired colour into a text field at checkout 


  • Upon purchase you will be asked for your child's name. The wall decal can only fit 12 characters
... and Importantly


  •  Vinyl Design wall decals are removable but not reusable
  • They don't leave any marks (tested on our own walls) but there may be some minor paint flecking that will require touch ups when the decals are peeled off (really only if the paint is very old and in bad condition). They really won't harm your surface.
  • If your wall is freshly painted we advise that you wait a couple of weeks before applying your wall sticker. You can apply your wall decals on any clean, smooth surface like walls, doors or windows. You can also apply them on timber floors, tables or mirrors. Our wall stickers are not suitable for wallpaper due to the fact that they might rip it off upon removal. If your walls are rendered or porous, the vinyl might not adhere.