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  • Wind, rain or hail the HEG keeps your washing secure on the line.
  • Say goodbye to peg, line and sun marks and save time ironing
  • Limited Edition Aqua and Purple HEGS only available on RedBalloon

Laundry just got easier with HEG'S space saving dual-hook design. This means no more peg, sun or line marks and less time ironing. Come wind, rain, hail the HEGS unique wind-lock feature ensures your washing remains on the line. The quality built HEG is Tough, UV Resistant and shatter-proof.

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What's Included?

What's Included? 

  • HEGS 1 x 18 Pack - Orange
  • HEGS 1 x 18 Pack - Aqua - Limited Edition Shark Tank Special
  • HEGS 1 x 18 Pack - Purple - Limited Edition Shark Tank Special
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As seen on Shark Tank!
Say goodbye to peg, line and sun marks! The award winning HEG: Designed with dual-hooks to maximise hanging space, an ergonomic grip for ease of use and a grip lock system that holds washing taut on the clothesline, the HEG keeps your washing secure and reduces the need for ironing, injection moulded, 100% recyclable polypropylene construction and stainless steel spring ensures both strength and flexibility, and a durability that will see the HEG through years and years of daily use.

Keep your washing on the line wind, rain, hail or shine. HEGS won’t crumble in your hands, split in half or fly off the clothesline in stormy weather. Quite frankly, the HEG leaves the traditional clothes peg for dead!