Chillazy Outdoor Seat Backpack

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  • Portable outdoor chair, perfect for festivals, picnic, the beach, camping
  • Acts as a backpack with shoulder straps and zippered pocket
  • Easy fold out seat design

This cleverly designed fold out seat acts as a chair and backpack! The Chillazy Backpack is the best companion for the beach, a festival or a picnic. With its foam and fibreglass construction the chair is strong yet light and with straps and a zippered compartment it can be carried like a backpack.

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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Chillazy outdoor chair/backpack
  • 1 x seat cushion
  • Free delivery 

Sometimes it's hard to take a load off especially when you're outside and you're having to rearrange yourselves on the picnic blanket again and again. This is where the Chillazy comes into play, this simple outdoor accessory simply folds out and is placed on the ground to act like a chair while you're at a music festival, sporting event or the beach. The clever design features side straps that reinforce the structure and make it sturdy. The chair also moulds to your body and the handy compartment and straps make it a backpack too!

... and Importantly


  • Can offer back support up to 130kg
  • The chair doesn't function correctly if you weigh over this measurement