Rivsalt Perfect Companion Gourmet Salt Pack

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  • Great gift for a foodie!
  • Gourmet salt crystals from around the world
  • Standard sized salt grater and stand

A fantastic gourmet gift for an enthusiastic foodie, this set includes a salt grater and a taster pack of 4 different varieties of salt crystals from around the globe. Sure to impress your dinner party guests and family, alike. Season your food the fun way!

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What's Included?

What's Included? 

  • Standard sized salt grater
  • Taste pack that includes Kala Namak Salt, Halit Salt, Rose Salt and Alpine Rock Salt 
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Season your food with fun! Rivsalt offers you a unique way to season your food with quality gourmet salt. The brainchild of innovative Swedish designer Jens Sandringer, this mini grater and salt combo was inspired by a dining experience at a Japanese teppanyaki in Beijing. Giving you a gourmet experience at home, simply take a salt crystal and shave off some pieces with the mini grater and sprinkle onto your food or in your cooking. The taster pack includes 4 different varieties of sea from different regions of the world so you can experiment with seasoning in your home cooking. 


  • Grater: H20 x W10 x 0.1(thickness) cm
  • Stand: H22 x W10.5 Dia 6.4 x 2(thickness) cm
  • Each salt crystal is 40-60 grams 
  • Gift tube packaging is 29cm high


The taste pack includes these salts,

  • Kala Namak Salt from India: shimmering black coloured salt with a unique flavour and fragrance, ideal for Indian and Asian cooking
  • Halit Salt from Pakistan: a clear crystal salt with a strong standard salty taste, suited to simple everyday dishes
  • Rose Salt from Bolivia: a rose quartz rock salt with a mild and sweet taste, perfect for vegetable or meat dishes 
  • Alpine Rock Salt from Austria: a reddish salt with a very intense taste, best used on dark meat such as venison

Please note: do no put your grater in the dishwasher, this may cause the grater to become blunt. Instead clean it by hand with mild detergent and water. Use a small brush to remove loose salt or dirt.