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Every Bitton product you will need as a pasta lover - simply toss any of these products through some freshly cooked pasta with or without your other favourite ingredients. Bon appetit!

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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Bitton Rosemary Thyme and Vanilla Oil 250ml - A flavoured oil that will add a five-star touch to everyday meals. Drizzle over fish and seafood just before steaming or grilling. Pour over warm chat potatoes and add a squeeze of lemon juice for a to-die- for potato salad. Brush over crisp croutons to serve with your favourite seasonal soup.
  • Bitton Black Olive Tapenade 200g - A rock star tapenade from David Bitton's days working in the glamorous city of Cannes. Toss spoonfuls through roasted vegetables, add to a pizza with lamb, goat's cheese and tomato or use to spruce up a cold meat sandwich. Serve with a homemade mayonnaise on some crusty sourdough.
  • Bitton Coriander Pesto 200g - Fragrant coriander combined with roasted peanuts makes for an unconventional pesto. Blend a spoonful or two with yoghurt for a moreish dip. Use to marinate a rack of lamb, mix through breadcrumbs when coating fish or chicken or use simply as a flavour boost for sandwiches.
  • Bitton Spicy Tomato Sauce 450g - A versatile tomato sauce with a spicy kick. Serve with bacon and eggs for a Sunday morning pick-me-up. Use to spread over pizza bases, mix with pasta and pancetta. Combine with vegetable stock and add a splash of cream for a deliciously different tomato soup.
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