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Ideal for cooking on the barbecue, this pack includes marinades, spice pastes and dressings which will turn your everyday barbecue into a gourmet feast. Bon appetit!

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What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Bitton Dressing 250ml - David grew up having salad with every single meal. This creamy, garlicky dressing is a must-have with ‘bitey greens’ such as witlof and radicchio. Mix with tuna for an out-of-this-world sandwich filling. Avocados will never taste the same again without a splash of this dressing.
  • Bitton Barbecue Sauce 250ml - A spicy twist on sweet chilli sauce or a traditional barbecue sauce that goes with just about everything. Stir through onion rings cooked n the barbecue for an easy onion jam. Blend with natural yoghurt or creme fraiche for a spicy dip. Also delicious on an egg and bacon roll, a sour cream topped baked potato or roast chicken.
  • Bitton Chilli Garlic Masala 200g - A secret blend of spices to flavour stir-fries, curries and barbecued meats. Combine with prawns and grill on the barbecue for garlic prawns with a difference. Rub over chicken or your favourite cut of meat for a sublime Sunday roast. Stir through velvety ricotta for an amazing dip.
  • Bitton Moroccan Spice 190g- Use in tagines, couscous dishes and for marinating meat, poultry and seafood. Stir through risotto or mix with natural yoghurt for a luscious salad dressing that goes beautifully with poached chicken, cucumber and mint. Bon appétit!
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