Asian Inspired Sauces and Condiments Gift Pack

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Signature Bitton products ideal for cooking stir-frys, curries and other Asian inspired meals.

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What's Included?

Bring out your wok and spice up your stir fry. Create crunchy salads, delicious noodles, dipping sauces and curries. Add a twist to your Asian style skewers.

What's Included?

  • Bitton Asian Dressing 250ml - This is the answer to all the Asian sauces that you may ever need, in one bottle! The flavours of citrus, palm sugar, coriander, ginger, chilli and lemongrass partner with stir-fries, steamed fish and cold meat salads. Use as a dipping sauce for chicken, roast pork, rice-paper rolls and yum cha at home. 
  • Bitton Chilli Oil 250ml - This is a Bitton classic. A touch of chilli with the warmth and spice of orange and paprika. Ideal for stir-fries, vegetable dishes or steamed dumplings. Drizzle over pizza, grilled seafood, fresh pasta and add to hearty winter soups such as minestrone.
  • Bitton Coriander Pesto 200g - Fragrant coriander combined with roasted peanuts makes for an unconventional pesto. Blend a spoonful or two with yoghurt for a moreish dip. Use to marinate a rack of lamb, mix through breadcrumbs when coating fish or chicken or use simply as a flavour boost for sandwiches.
  • Bitton Monkey Nut Chutney 200g - A seriously good condiment that combines coriander, mint, tamarind and chilli to add spice to any dish. Add to soy sauce and use as a dipping sauce for wontons. Perfect for marinating firm-fleshed fish and chicken. Stir a spoonful through pasta or rice to serve with curries or stir-fries.
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