Chocolate Masterpiece Gift Box


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  • Perfect gift for a family of sweet-tooths
  • Milk, dark and white chocolate products with tons of flavours and varieties
  • Beautifully presented in funky gift wrapping

From the chocoholic mecca that is Max Brenner, comes the Masterpiece box; overflowing with mass amounts of chocolate and all packaged in funky gift wrapping. Open up a multitude of packages to reveal milk, dark and white chocolate treats that are flavoured with nuts, coconut and even coffee beans.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Milk Chocolate Pure Block 1kg
  • 9 Pralines Box - pralines in a classic chocolate box 81g
  • Milk Chocolate Bar with Caramel Piece and Caramelised Cocoa Nibs 100g
  • Dark Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut Praline filling 75g
  • Caramelised Pecans - rolled in a rich praline cream and cocoa powder 40g
  • Milk Chocolate Cubes with Hazelnut Cream, Pecan and Sea Salt 60g
  • Milk Chocolate Cubes filled with Sesame 40g
  • White Marbles - white chocolate, milk chocolate praline and roasted coconut 100g
  • Milk Marbles - crunchy waffle balls in milk chocolate 100g
  • Dark Marbles - crunchy waffle balls in dark chocolate, milk chocolate praline and cocoa powder
  • Chicao - milk chocolate thins with West African cocoa bits. Minimum 45 percent cocoa solids 70g
  • Snowies - hazelnut praline cream rolled in white chocolate and roasted pistachios 80g
  • Orange Cubes - milk chocolate cubes filled with orange peel praline cream and caramelised pecan bits 80g
  • Dark Theo - Brazilian coffee beans rolled in dark chocolates and fine cocoa powder 40g
  • Pure White Chocolate Thins 70g
  • Stylish packaging including gift boxes with ribbon detail
  • Free Delivery

A thoughtful and yummy gift for someone as sweet as the chocolate they crave, this gift hamper will make your chocoholic or family full of chocolate addicts, happy! Overflowing with heaps of delicious treats they can share (or keep to themselves), this hamper features white, milk and dark chocolate in many forms including cubes, balls, pralines, blocks and bars.