Custom Colours Docking and Charge Station


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  • Dock charges smartphones, tablets, cameras and even smart watches
  • 5 docking rails, meaning heaps of space for your devices
  • Charge Apple and Android devices simultaneously

Want a charging dock that can charge all your devices quickly and easily while looking more like a piece of decor than technology? ALLDOCK brings you just that. A thoughtful gift for any home or office, this docking station charges smartphones, tablets, cameras, smart watches and even fitness bands.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Large docking station in your choice of colour variations
  • 5 docking rails
  • Free delivery

Avoid the chaotic mess of charging cables that litter your home with this chic docking station from ALLDOCK. German design and functionality that reflects modern lives combines in this perfect housewarming gift. With 5 docking rails and the ability to charge Apple and Android products simultaneously, this product simply and efficiently solves the problem of keeping all your different devices charged up and even allows you to continue to use them in the process.


  • Entire dock measures 32 x 17.6 x 7cm
  • Each docking rail has a width of 14mm (please check your cases prior to buying this product)


  • 6 USB ports
  • 2.4A of power from each individual port, which means your devices will be charged speedily
  • Innovative design that allows vertical viewing and use of device while charging
  • Ability to charge Apple and Android products
  • Certified for Australasian power outlets
  • Single output has DC Max 5V/2.4A
  • Total output of charging dock is DC Max 5V/14.4A
  • Charging cables are not included (all users' devices are different and should be purchased individually)


Choose from 1 colour combination from the following:

  • Bamboo outer case and white rails
  • White outer case and bamboo rails
  • Walnut outer case with white rails
  • Walnut outer with black rails
  • Black outer with walnut rails
... and Importantly


Charging cables are not included (all users' devices are different and should be purchased individually)