Play Pretend Greengrocer Market Stall


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  • Shopkeeper role-play toy for children 4 years old and over
  • Delightful greengrocer theme
  • Comes with toy cash register, fruit and veggies

Next, please! Your child will love role playing as a shopkeeper at this market stall. Complete with adorable mini fruit and veggie toys plus a cash register with shopping bags, this toy helps your child learn about relationships, trade, basic nutrition and encourages cooperative play with friends.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Market stall, complete with shade umbrella, bags, cash register and mini fruit and vegetables
  • Chalkboard that can be used to display prices
  • Free delivery

This charming market stall toy set will capture your child's imagination while teaching them about the real world. Complete with market stand, shade umbrella, fruit and vegetable toys and a cash register, your little one will learn the benefits of cooperative play with others as well as the concepts of basic nutrition. Gorgeous colours make for a bright and fresh look that can be linked back to the importance of eating your greens!


  • L 22 x W 33 x H45cm
... and Importantly


Suitable for children 4 years old and over.