Kids Mermaid Float Suit and Bonus Swimming Cap

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  • Mermaid style swimwear for your little one
  • Floatation inserts aides your child as they learn to swim
  • Available in a range of sizes to fit children 2-5 years

Fun and floaty, this swimwear will aide your little one as they learn to swim. The mermaid suit is fitted with buoyancy inserts that will help your child float when they're in the pool. You can easily remove inserts as your child gains skills and let them wear the suit as a normal swimming costume.

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

What's Included?

  • Mermaid float suit 
  • Bonus mermaid cap
  • Choose from Small, Medium or Large

Your little mermaid will love this fun and floaty swimwear, it'll make swimming lessons more fun and it comes with a bonus cap. This totally adorable suit is fashioned like a rash suit, but with a cool and helpful difference! It includes buoyancy inserts, that keep your child floating while they are learning to doggy paddle and tread water and can be easily removed as your they gain confidence in the pool. The cap is also a fun accessory that will help to keep water out of your child's ears. 


  • Made from chlorine resistant polyester material which gives SPF 50+ protection
  • Mermaid cap is made from the same material


  • Upon purchase you will be asked to choose from Small, Medium and Large; please follow the guides below to choose the correct size for your child, this is integral to your child's safety

2-3 years old (15-18kgs) : requires a Small 

3-4 years old (18-22kgs) : requires a Medium

4-5 years old (22-25kgs) : requires a Large

... and Importantly


Bluesalt Float Suits are approved in accordance with the Australian Standard AS1900 - 2002. They are designed as a learning aid and the wearer should remain within arm's reach of an adult supervisor at all times. The Float Suits are not a life saving device and are not suitable for activities that require an approved lifejacket.