Skydive Tandem Jump for 14000ft Flexipass

Byron, Cairns, Mission Beach or Coffs

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    Do a skydive tandem jump over your choice of spectacular Australian locations! 60 seconds feels like a lifetime as you fly through the air in the world's most exhilarating experience. Get excited, suit up and take off into the clouds for the most awesome adventure of your life!!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    A simple training session (no experience necessary) takes place before you’re kitted up in your 'sexy' skydiving suit and latest technology harness for comfort and safety. You will also meet your personal, highly experienced skydive instructor for a full briefing of your experience.

    Then it’s off to the local airstrip for take off. Watch beautiful landscapes... then it’s GO TIME! 220kph straight down as your adrenalin response kicks into overdrive and you scream through 60 seconds of heart-stopping freefall!

    Once the parachute opens, you soar like a bird for several minutes of under-canopy action before touching down to earth.

    Head back to the sky diving centre to pick up your free jump certificate and collect your optional DVD/photo packages.

    Why just go skydiving when you can jump with the best and have a total skydive experience!?

    Please Note: There is an Australian Parachute Federation license fee of $35 to pay on the day.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    The tandem skydiving operates 7 days per week from 7.30am until dark, except on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Allow about 2.5/ 3 hours for your total skydive experience.

    Numbers on the Day

    Groups can be accommodated depending on the size of the aircraft. Just ask!


    If your skydive needs to be postponed due to bad weather, that's free.

    Dress Code

    Shorts and t-shirt are sufficient as full jump suits are provided for the jump. Sturdy, secure, enclosed footwear should be worn. In winter, further south, long-sleeved tops are recommended because it can get cold at height.

    Other Info

    There is an Australian Parachute Federation license fee of $35 to pay on the day for all jumpers in Australia. DVD and photo packages are available if you want to pay a little extra on the day.
    ... and Importantly


    The minimum age is 14, and people between 14 & 18 need written consent. The maximum weight is 110kg, but let us know in advance if you're 100-110kgs. Any physical/mental disability must be divulged when booking and will be subject to the discretion of the 'DropZone Safety Officer' on the day.