Introduction to Indoor Skydiving - 2 Flights - Gold Coast

Gold Coast, QLD

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  • iFLY Gold Coast is 1 of only 3 indoor skydiving facilities in Australia and New Zealand
  • This introduction includes 2 flights, each equivalent to a free fall skydive from 14,000ft
  • A fully controlled, ultra-safe environment without the extensive waiting periods and training

Feel the rush and freedom of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane at iFLY Indoor Skydiving! You'll be flown in the air by huge fans, creating a wall to wall air flow that gives you the same feeling as skydiving from 14,000 ft. Safe, superhero fun for anyone over the age of 3 years old!

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • Comprehensive training session
  • 2 indoor skydiving flights
  • Flight suit, helmet, ear plugs and safety goggle hire
  • One on one assistance from an instructor as you fly
  • Souvenir flight certificate

Step into the flight chamber and get ready for take off! With iFLY Indoor Skydiving you get all the exhilaration of solo skydiving but without the staggering heights and extensive training. This introduction package is a great way to get a taste of indoor skydiving; it includes your safety briefing, all equipment, an instructor and two flights. The flying time is exactly the same as a standard skydive and the giant fans provide you with wall to wall air flow so you'll feel the same exhilaration as you would 14,000ft up. This is the closest feeling to flying you can get! No experience is needed and your instructor is right beside you throughout the flights, making it sage and fun for all ages and abilities. You'll feel like your favourite superhero, flying through the air while the wind rushes past you and your heart races. And once you master the basics, you'll be back in no time to learn how to twist, turn and flip in the air! It's addictive!

On the Day

Session Length

  • Please allow 1 hour and 45 mins for the whole experience which will include a safety briefing, gear up and flight time
  • You must arrive 1 hour prior to your selected flight time
  • The actual flights take close to a minute each

Opening hours: 11am - 9pm (Monday - Friday), 8.30am - 9.30pm (Saturday), 8.30am - 7pm (Sunday/Public Holidays).

Sessions: First Class - 12pm, Last Class - 8.30pm (Monday - Friday); First Class -9.30, Last Class - 9pm (Saturday), First Class - 9.30, Last Class - 6.30 (Sunday/Public Holidays).

Please note that on School Holidays the opening hours & sessions start 30 minutes earlier for Monday - Friday.

Unavailable sessions: Term - Monday to Friday: 12:30 / 13:30 / 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:00 / 17:00 / 18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00; School Holidays - Monday to Friday: 12:30 / 14:00 / 15:30 / 16:30 / 18:00 / 19:30; Sunday: 13:30.

Numbers on the Day

Please be aware there may be up to 15 other people booked in your session.

Dress Code

Well fitting, lace up sneakers are required; no other shoes are suitable.

... and Importantly


Not suitable for pregnant women, people over 115kgs or those who have experienced a previous shoulder dislocation.


  • No experience required
  • You can fly from 3 years of age and up
  • You can pay an extra $10 to fly towards the top of the chamber and must book a 12pm, 6pm or 8:30pm session for a weekday, if you're flying on the weekend you also have the options of 10am or 2pm
  • If you are under 180cm, the weight limit is 105kg. If you are over 180cm, the weight limit is 115kg


Once this experience has been confirmed, changes are at the discretion of the experience provider and arranged directly with them according to this policy:


  • More than 48 hours notice: No charge. Reservations may only be rescheduled under the same terms as the original reservation's pricing and applicable restrictions.
  • Within 48 hours and under of the booking time: As a courtesy, iFLY may elect to reschedule but shall do at its sole discretion and may require the payment of an administrative fee
  • No Shows and Late Arrivals: Participants forfeit their experience and therefore are not entitled to a refund or to re-book. Participants are advised to make their own insurance provisions in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Customers with repeated cancellations or no shows may lose flight privileges