Warbird Adventure Flight in a CJ6A Nanchang

Perth WA

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  • Flight of a lifetime!
  • Be Top Gun for a day!
  • Stunning views!

Be a Top Gun for a day in one of the greatest flight experiences. Strap yourself in for the ride of your life flying over the sun-drenched beaches of Perth for the ultimate flying experience in a CJ6A Nanchang If you dare!

Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • 30 minute flight

CJ-6A Nanchang - the current primary trainer of the Chinese air force with a 9 cylinder Radial-engine and sliding canopies is still in use, training military pilots in several air forces around the world. Your experience will run as follows: 09.00 - Greeting, paperwork and flying suits We greet you at the hangar, here you can check out the hardware, a bit of paperwork, then into your flying suits. 09.30 - Mission Brief All the crew (you included) gather for the Mission Brief, this is a very important aspect of the sortie. It lets everyone know who is flying, what they are to do and exactly where they should be at any given moment in the air. Issues that are discussed are; safety, emergency procedures, what you can take with you, sounds you will expect to hear, what you can do in the air and when.

Your flight profile is customised between you and your pilot during the pre-flight briefing. You can choose to include many options such as scenic flight down the Perth beaches and high manoeuvre aerobatics. 10.00 - Strap in and cockpit familiarisation We help you strap in and get you used to the layout of the aircraft. In front of you there will probably be a digital camera, to record you in living colour! 10.20 - Taxi and takeoff, transit to combat training arena You will now hear the sound of a military engine in all its gutsy glory! 11.00 - Lets go! You are now up in the air your pilot can do anything as discussed in the briefing. The sights and sounds will be like nothing you will have experienced before. 11.30 - Mission objective completed. With your head spinning and your heart pumping, we RTB (return to base).

On the Day

Session Length

Allow 2 hours for the experience. We fly most days weather permitting.

Numbers on the Day

You and your pilot.


We fly most days weather permitting.

Dress Code

Dress comfortably.

Other Info

Customers are required to sign an indemnity form.
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Minimum age 15 Maximum weight 110 kg Maximum height 64