Warbird Aerobatic Adventure Flight - 20 Minutes

Parafield, SA

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  • Aerobatic adventure flight in a CJ-6A
  • Wing overs, loops, barrel rolls and stall turns
  • Up to 4G of force will get your adrenalin pumping!

Feel the G forces during your Warbird adventure fight as you carve up the sky with some high powered aerobatics. Experience the unique sound, smell, and feel of a genuine ex-Air Force supercharged fighter trainer. Feel what it is like to manoeuvre a military aircraft to the edge of the envelope.

Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

    During your aerobatic adventure flight you will fly high in the back seat of a CJ-6A, made by the NANCHANG Aircraft Company. The CJ-6A has a maximum speed of over 300 kph, and is powered by a 10.2 litre, 9 cylinder, supercharged radial engine. You will take off from Parafield in your CJ-6A fighter trainer, departing North up the coast. The aircraft will climb to gain sufficient height for aerobatics and the fun will get under way. Your pilot will take you through a Wing Over, Loop, Barrel Roll, and Stall Turn; explaining each manoeuvre and allowing a pause between each if necessary. You will pull up to 4G in these manoeuvres. You will then experience all these manoeuvres in succession, followed by a low level run back down the coast and return to Parafield. This aerobatic flight is sure to get your blood pumping and adrenalin flowing!

    On the Day

    Session Length

    This experience operates on Saturday's throughout the year, subject to availability and lasts approximately an 1hr. This includes a briefing, taxi time on the ground, 20 mins in the air, and a de-briefing at the end.

    Numbers on the Day

    The CJ-6A is only a two-seater aircraft. It will be you and your pilot in the air.


    Adverse weather will affect this experience. Very gusty winds, low cloud or poor visibility can result in cancellation. If your flight has to be cancelled you will be contacted and it will be re-scheduled.

    Dress Code

    Sturdy, closed in footwear is required. Comfortable clothing, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are advised. We will provide the flight suit and all safety gear.

    Other Info

    CASA requires all passengers in warbirds to sign a liability waiver before every flight. All of our pilots are mature Commercial Pilots with Aerobatic qualifications and most also have Formation qualifications.
    ... and Importantly


    • You will generally need to be at least 14 years of age to participate and be able to climb into the plane with minimal assistance.
    • Passengers 17 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the pre-flight
    • Maximum weight is 120kg for this experience
    • Each customer is required to sign a waiver form for each flight