Aussie Muscle Car Drive

Melbourne, VIC

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    Do the names Peter Brock, Dick Johnson, Allan Moffat and Mark Skaife get your heart racing? Well get ready for the drive of your life. This experience offers the unprecedented opportunity to drive some of Australias most famous muscle cars from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Experience some of Australia’s best scenic roads and tourist sites behind the wheel of thundering V8 Fords and Holden's that have become legends in our motor racing history.

    What’s included
    • You drive a selection of up to 4 Australian Muscle Cars for a total experience of 3 hours
    • Car instruction with complete induction upon arrival
    • Tea, Coffee, Snacks

    Activity Highlights
    • The unprecedented opportunity to drive highly collectible and sort-after Australian Muscle Cars which have never been offered to the general public;
    • These iconic V8 cars are a challenging drive and share their DNA with racing production cars from their era and a direct bloodline to our current V8 Supercars
    • Our convoy of colourful and loud cars sparks great excitement on every street and highway we travel on
    • Driving on some of our most challenging and picturesque tourist roads provides a great setting to enjoy the experience

    The Fleet
    XY GT Falcon, Brock Commodores, Torana SLR/5000, Ford XE ESP 351.

    Experience some of Australia’s best scenic roads and tourist sites behind the wheel of thundering V8 Fords and Holden's that have become legends in our .motor racing history.

    Each driver will be provided with a walkie-talkie with which the Team Leader will be communicating instructions and directions throughout the day. Each participant must stay in communication with the Team Leader.

    The Team Leader will lead the line of cars out of the facility and all cars must stay behind the Team Leader car at all times during the day. The Team Leader will be familiar with the roads and will set a reasonable pace.

    At selected intervals the group will pull over for a quick driver change - a valuable time to de-brief and discuss the route ahead

    On the Day

    Session Length

    The total experience runs for 3 hours. This includes a total of 90 minutes of driving.

    Numbers on the Day

    You will be amongst a group of up to 14 people. There will be up to 2 drivers per car, swapping at designated spots. There will be a lead driver acting as a guide, leading the convoy of cars. At times there will also be a second guide in a car following behind the convoy of cars.


    Drive Days do not go ahead when heavy or on-going rain is forecast, or in conditions over 34 degrees c. In these instances you will be rescheduled.

    Dress Code

    Casual comfortable clothes. Shoes should be flat soled runners or joggers. No high heels and no work boots. No thongs, sandals or open shoes. Avoid wide soled shoes – choose narrow soled runners or joggers.

    Other Info

    Please Note: We don't guarantee that all cars will be available on the drive day, however we are sure that you will be happy with the selection. Breath tests are conducted on the day, If you register a blood alcohol reading over the legal limit you will not be permitted to drive on the day.
    ... and Importantly


    Drivers must have a current full manual license. Drivers must be over 25 years of age.