Beginners Didgeridoo Lesson - 60 Minutes

Fremantle, WA

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  • Create drone, vocals and animal sounds
  • Learn mouth, tongue and diaphragm techniques and circular breathing
  • Learn about the Aboriginal cultural aspects of the didgeridoo

Ever wanted to learn about one of the worlds oldest musical instruments? This is an experience you wont want to miss. In 1 hour, youll learn about the history, cultural awareness, types, and even how to produce some impressive sounds, whilst having fun at the same time!

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Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • One hour didgeridoo experience

During this one hour experience, you will learn the North Australian origins of the Yidaki / Mago / Yigi Yigi … all descriptions for different types of didgeridoo.

Discover the fundamental techniques for playing the didgeridoo. This class includes tips on creating a strong drone sound, tongue and diaphragm techniques as well as the health benefits of playing the didgeridoo. By the end of the class you will know about where in Indigenous Australia the instrument originates, cultural awareness with the didgeridoo as well as be able to create some fantastic sounds with your new skills.

A didgeridoo is provided for you during the lesson or feel free to bring your own.

On the Day

Session Length

  • Class times are every Saturday morning at 9:30am and every Sunday from 2pm
  • Booking time will be confirmed by the experience provider

Numbers on the Day

Class sizes vary and are generally between 4 and 10 people.


This experience is not affected by the weather.

Dress Code

Casual and comfortable.

Other Info

Perfect for those who have no previous experience.
... and Importantly


Minimum age for this experience is 10 years.